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Upcoming 4-Part Webinar Series
Begins April 8th​

Incorporating new diagnostic methods into clinical use is a challenge. Many promising diagnostic methods are never implemented into diagnostic labs because they need to be tested or altered before they can be used and many diagnostic labs struggle to find validated methods that can be easily carried out. This 4-part webinar series is part of the upcoming Plant Health 2020 special session “Technology Transfer: From The Lab To The Diagnostician’s Bench." 

This webinar series and the session are an essential component t​o moving towards robust standards, both locally and globally. Plant diagnostics needs to be supported by validated methods to underpin scientific credibility in the ever-changing environment that our stakeholders encounter. Timely and successful implementation of accurate diagnostic methods is a crucial part of any surveillance system for plant diseases and, ultimately, food security derived from healthy plants.

Join us as we explore the various issues involved with detectin​g pathogens and pests and delivering diagnostic results to prevent, monitor, and manage plant problems. ​ ​​

As a member benefit, webinars are free to APS members and $49 for nonmembers.​

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