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Illustrated Glossary of Plant Pathology

Authors: C.J. D'Arcy, D.M. Eastburn, and G. L. Schumann
(with acknowledgement of contributions from M.C. Shurtleff, P.A. Arneson, F.H. Tainter, and T.A. Evans) 
​The pronunciation files are courtesy of the Cornell Online Glossary of Technical Terms in Plant Pathology by P.A. Arneson, and the voice is that of Richard P. Korf, used with permission.

​D'Arcy, C. J. , D. M. Eastburn, and G. L. Schumann. 2001. Illustrated Glossary of Plant Pathology. The Plant Health Instructor. DOI: 10.1094/PHI-I-2001-0219-01

How to add a term to the glossary

If you have comments on any term, definition, or image or would like another term or image added to this glossary, please contact Brantlee Spakes Richter​, Editor-in-Chief.


Some of the terms have a sound icon associated with them. Click the icon to hear a pronunciation of the term. The audio file will open an audio player resident on your computer and may take a few moments for the first sound bit to load. To return to the glossary use your browser's back button or close the audio player window.

How to link to a term in this glossary from another website

Each defined term is bookmarked for specific reference. You may link directly to any term listed in the glossary by quoting the full URL plus the desired term in your source file. For instance, to link to the term "antheridium" the full URL should read:

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For other definitions in the A-D section, replace "antheridium" with the term of your choice.

Terms in the E-H range must have the file name "E-H.aspx" substituted for "A-D.aspx". The other sections of the alphabet are: I-M.aspx; N-R.aspx; S-V.aspx; and W-Z.aspx.

To see how a link will behave, click the linked term in the following sentence. To see an image illustrating an endoconidium, click the term, then the image icon.


EM=electron micrograph
SEM=scanning electron micrograph