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December 2021| OPRO Meets Melanie Medina López ​ 

Submitted by Melanie Medina López, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Plant Pathology at The Ohio State University, on behalf of The Ohio State University Plant Pathology Graduate Student Association.

Science outreach activity: "Plant Pathogens and the People That Study Them" video.

Type of event: An online video.

Intended audience: K-12 students. This video was specifically created for elementary school students.

Description of the activity: This video was created for OSU's WestFest, which is a science and sustainability festival geared toward the general community. This year the festival took place entirely online. We put the content together in a video so we would still be able to teach children about plant pathogens and plant pathologists.

Thumbnail of YouTube video.​

Materials needed for this activity: The video is available on YouTube.

What are the challenges you experienced during this activity, and how will you modify or improve future offerings? While the video on its own is a great, quick tool for outreach, in the future we would like to improve the video by adding more interactive elements into a similar presentation to promote engage​​​​​​ment.

How many times has this activity been hosted? This video was made available for one event. However, it is available on YouTube for others to use freely.

In total, how many participants have been in attendance? WestFest had approximately 674 participants. Thus far, the video has 56 views.

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