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Recipients of APS Foundation Funding​

FY​2023 APS Foundation Funding Announced​

Congratulations to the following APS members who received funding this year from the APS Foundation. Special thanks to everyone who has donated to the APS Foundation! Your continued support makes these offerings possible. 

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Plant Health 2023 Symposia for APS Student and Early Career Members

I.E. Melhus Graduate Student Symposium
2023 theme: Systems-based approaches, tools, and tactics to combat mycotoxins for a sustainable and safe food supply

  • ​Maxwell Chibuogwu (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Lily Lofton (USDA ARS Russell Research Center, University of Georgia)
  • Autumn McLaughlin (University of Tennessee)
  • ​Shiv Singla (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
  • Ryan Spelman (The Pennsylvania State University)

Schroth Faces of the Future Symposium
2023 theme: Host Resistance and Host/Pathogen Interaction​​ 

  • ​Anna Conrad (USDA Forest Service)
  • Peter Henry (USDA)
  • Marcus Vinicius Merfa (The Ohio State University​)
  • Edel Pérez-López (Université Laval, CANADA)

Student Travel Grants

The Indian P​hytopathology​ Society Student Travel

​This fund encourages plant pathology students residing in India, who are members of The Indian Phytopathology Society, to attend the APS Annual Meeting or other APS sanctioned meeting if deemed appropriate by IPS and APS Foundation Board.​

  • Dibya Sree Dutta, Assam Agricultural University, India

Named Student Travel Grants 
These travel grants were made possible by our various named student travel funds to the following 30 APS Student member​s who are presenting ​at Plant Health 2023​.​ 

Other Foundation Funds

Books for the World

Helps scientists, educators, extension personnel, and other agriculturalists in developing countries acquire educational materials from APS PRESS. 

  • ​Jesse Ata (University of the Philippines Los Baños)
  • Alejandro Rene ​Gini Alvarez (Universidad Nacional de Misiones, Argentina)​
  • Faheem Uddin Rajer (Sindh Agriculture University, Pakistan)
  • Akmaral Shokanova (Kazakh Research Institute of Plant Protection & Quarantine, Kazakhstan)

Frank L. Howard Undergraduate Fellowship

This fund supports undergraduate research projects in plant pathology.​​

  • Timothy Miller, Utah State University​​

Global Experience Program Fund​

This fund provides support to APS members working with scientists and extension personnel in developing countries in training and outreach efforts. ​

  • Gilbert Nchongboh Chofong, Julius Kühn-Institut, United Kingdom​

John & Ann Niederhauser Endowment Fund​

Supports international cooperation between a person or institution in the U.S> and a person or institution outside the U.S.

  • Lourdes V. Alvarez, Polytechnic University of Philippines

Lafayette Frederick Diversity in Mentoring

Provides mentored experiences in plant pathology for students and postdocs from underrepresented minority groups, with the ultimate goal in increasing diversity in APS and the plant health community at large.

  • Evan Buckner, The Pennsylvania State University

Mathre Endowment for Education

Provides support to plant pathology education and outreach programs.

  • Karthika Mohan, Nitha Rafi, and Bijula Sureshbabu, North Dakota State University

Plant Pathology Experiential Fund

Provides support of a short-term experience with a government or private organization to subsidize travel to the host organization.

  • Mychele Batista da Silva, Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station

Raymond J. Tarleton Student Fellowship

Provides support to plant pathology graduate students for expenses related to their research, equipment, education, and skills development.

  • Samodya Jayasinghe, Washington State University

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