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​Congratulations to the 2018 APS Foundation Awardees

The APS Foundation is excited to announce the names of 78 individuals who received awards from the APS Foundation in 2018, totaling more than $45,000 in awards. Awardees will be recognized during ICPP2018. Special thanks to everyone who donated to the APS Foundation! Your continued support makes these opportunities possible. Be sure to visit the Foundation’s booth at ICPP2018 to learn more about funding opportunities and to help support future leaders in plant pathology!

Books for the World Award
Bello Isah Abdulazeez, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

Books for the World Award
Paul W. Kachapulula, University of Zambia

Books for the World Award
Imana L. Power, Center for Agricultural Research in Suriname (CELOS)

Excellence in International Service Award
John E. Bowman, PhD, USAID

Excellence in Teaching Award
Katherine L. Stevenson, University of Georgia 

Frank L. Howard Undergraduate Fellowship Award
Owen Washam, North Carolina State University

French-Monar Latin American Award
Juliana Gonzáléz Tobón, Universidad de Los Andes 

Don and Judy Mathre Educational Endowment Award
Derreck Adam Carter-House, University of California Riverside
Claudia Alejandra Castro, University of California Riverside
Antara Chakravarty, University of California Riverside 
Nichole Ginnan, University of California Riverside
Gabriel Ortiz, University of California Riverside

Noel T. Keen Award for Research Excellence in Molecular Plant Pathology
Barbara S. Valent, Kansas State University

Plant Pathology Experiential Award, Individual
Shankar Shakya, Oregon State University 

International Travel Award
Sagheer Atta, Ghazi University 

Raymond J. Tarleton Student Fellowship Award
Madeline Dowling, Clemson University


Student Travel Awards

Caribbean Division Student Travel Award
Annakay Abrahams, University of Georgia

José and Silvia Amador Student Travel Award 
Bhupendra Acharya, Virginia Tech

Lisa Shepherd Student Travel Award 
Kelsey F. Andersen, University of Florida

Donald E. Munnecke Student Travel Award 
Katrin Ayer, Cornell University

Elsie J. and Robert Aycock Student Travel Award 
Rishi Bhandari, Auburn University

Eugene E. Saari Student Travel Award
Shaheen Bibi, University of Florida

Milt and Nancy Schroth Student Travel Award
Matthew Thayer Boucher, Cornell University

Myron K. Brakke Student Travel Award
Wardatou Boukari, University of Florida

Zahir Eyal Student Travel Award 
Wanderson Bucker Moraes, The Ohio State University

Arthur Kelman Student Travel Award
Rosalie Basilig Calderon, Louisiana State University

General Student Travel Award
Nicholas Carleson, Oregon State University

John F. Fulkerson Student Travel Award
Morgan Carter, Cornell University

Tsune Kosuge Student Travel Award 
Cecilia Chagas de Freitas, The Ohio State University

C. Lee Campbell Student Travel Award
Connel Ching'anda, University of Arizona

George Herman Starr Student Travel Award 
Chase R. Crowell, Cornell University

Joseph Kuc Student Travel Award
Felipe Dalla Lana, Ohio State University

Robert W. Fulton Student Travel Award
Kimberly D'Arcangelo, North Carolina State University

Kenneth F. Baker and R. James Cook Student Travel Award
Loic Deblais, The Ohio State University

Dennis Hall Student Travel Award 
Daniel M. Dlugos, Clemson University

General Student Travel Award
Madeline Dowling, Clemson University

Harold "Sande" McNabb, Jr. Student Travel Award 
Zoe Dubrow, Cornell University*

Larry W. Moore Student Travel Award
Thais Egreja, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

General Student Travel Award
Hanareia Ehau-Taumaunu, The Pennsylvania State University

John M. Barnes Student Travel Award
Michael Fulcher, Cornell University*

Don E. Mathre Student Travel Award
André Bueno Gama, University of Florida

William Moller Student Travel Award
Nichole Ginnan, University of California, Riverside

Raymond D. Martyn Student Travel Award 
Hannah Halpern, University of Georgia*

H. J. Dubin Student Travel Award in honor of the Peace Corps 
Angelyn Hilton, Texas A&M University

Stephen A. Johnston Student Travel Award
Joseph M. Hulbert, University of Pretoria

Eddie Echandi Student Travel Award
Fernanda Iruegas-Bocardo, University of Florida

H. David Thurston Student Travel Award
Jing Jin, North Carolina State University

Evanthia D. and D. G. Kontaxis Student Travel Award 
Olga Kozhar, Washington State University

Forest Pathology Student Travel Award 
Bradley M. Lalande, Colorado State University

Harry E. Wheeler Student Travel Award 
Brett Robert Lane, University of Florida

John S. Niederhauser Student Travel Award
Ashley B. Leach, Cornell University

Dow AgroSciences Student Travel Award 
Sarah Lowder Oregon State University*

Malcolm and Catherine Quigley Student Travel Award 
Tyler McCann, Cornell University

Joseph M. Ogawa Student Travel Award
Marcus Vinicius Merfa, Auburn University*

General Student Travel Award, 
Emily A. Meyers, North Carolina State University

Joseph P. Fulton Student Travel Award 
Lindani Moyo, Washington State University

Virology Student Travel Award 
Rabson Mpundu Mulenga, Zambia Agriculture Research Institute*

J. Artie and Arra Browning Student Travel Award 
Eric Saludo Nazareno, University of Minnesota

Kyung Soo Kim Student Travel Award
Cristian Olaya, Washington State University

William Malcolm Brown, Jr. Student Travel Award
Joseph Opoku, Virginia Tech TAREC

Indian Phytopathological Society Student Travel Award
Savita Patil, Jain University

Richard Gabrielson Student Travel Award 
Christopher Peritore-Galve*, Cornell University

General Student Travel Award 
Andrew C. Read, Cornell University

Janell M. Stevens Johnk Student Travel Award 
Gabriel Rennberger, Clemson University

Landis International Student Travel Award 
Hannah Rivedal, Oregon State University

Raymond G. Grogan Student Travel Award 
Andres D. Sanabria, Ohio State University

Stuart D. Lyda Student Travel Award
Andrew Edward Sathoff, University of Minnesota

Kenneth and Betty Barker Student Travel Award, 
Jeffrey R. Standish, University of Georgia

Albert Paulus Student Travel Award
Naweena Thapa, University of Florida

Efrat Gamliel-Atinsky Student Travel Award 
Nandhitha Venkatesh, University of Wisconsin-Madison

General Student Travel Award 
Alejandra Vielba Fernández, University of Málaga*

Luis Sequeira Student Travel Award
Claudio Vrisman, The Ohio State University

John F. Schafer Student Travel Award 
Qiang Wang, Auburn University

Frank L. Howard Undergraduate Fellowship Award 
Owen Washam, North Carolina State University

Roger C. Pearson Student Travel Award
Bill Weldon, Cornell University

Gustaaf A. and Ineke C. M. de Zoeten Student Travel Award 
Cristina Zambrana, Echevarria University of Wisconsin

Turfgrass Pathology Student Travel Award 
Peiqi Zhang, University of Florida

Malcolm C. Shurtleff Student Travel Award 
Tian Zhou, Virginia Tech Tidewater AREC  

Past Award Winners