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​​Foundation Awardee​s

Congratulations to our 2022 Awardees

​Awards recognized at Plant Health 2022

​​I. E. Melhus Awards​

Supports graduate student participants selected to present their research at a symposium at the ​APS Annual Meeting.


Wanderson Bucker Moraes
The Ohio State University

Roy Davis II
Texas A&M University

Kaique dos Santos Alves
Universidade Federal de Viçosa

Isaack Kikway
North Carolina State University

Rachel Murray-Watson​
University of Cambridge​


Schroth Faces of the Future Awards 
Supports the Faces of the Future symposium at the APS Annual Meeting by acknowledging up-and-coming individuals in specific areas of plant pathology.​ 

Johanna Del Castillo Munera
University of California, Davis

Camila Primieri Nicolli
University of Wisconsin, Madison​

Veronica Roman-Reyna
The Ohio State University​

Robin Choudhury

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley​​​

Named Student Travel Awards 
Provides support for current APS Student member​s who submit an abstract and present ​at Plant Health 2022.​​

  1. Jobelle Bruno, Louisiana State University
  2. Jiyeong Choi, Cornell University
  3. Kayla Spawton, Washington State University
  4. Qiurong Fan, University of Arkansas
  5. Madison Flasco, Cornell University
  6. Maryam Khalilzadeh, University of Florida, Citrus Research and Education Center
  7. Yu-Chen Wang, California Polytechnic State University
  8. Katherine Rivera-Zuluaga, Purdue University
  9. Arjun Subedi, Southern Illinois University
  10. Jovana Mijatovic, University of Georgia
  11. Mariama Brown, Purdue University
  12. Katherine LaTourrette, University of Nebraska
  13. Sherif Sharfadine, University of Arkansas
  14. Andrea Gómez, North Carolina State University
  15. Eric Branch, Cornell University
  16. Shiv Singla, University of Nebraska
  17. Michelle Paukett, Penn State University
  18. Kensy Rodriguez, Louisiana State University
  19. Wanita Dantes, Clemson University
  20. Meher Ony, University of Tennessee- Knoxville
  21. Wenting Wang, University of Florida
  22. Ana Vazquez-Catoni, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  23. Caleb Mathias, University of Kentucky
  24. Soumya Ghosh, The Ohio State University
  25. Isabel Emanuel, The Ohio State University
  26. LeAnn Lux, North Dakota State University
  27. Madeline Henrickson, University of Delaware
  28. Victoria Hoyle, Cornell University
  29. Santosh Sanjel, University of Florida​
  30. Aaron Onufrak, University of Tennessee- Knoxville​​

Other APS Foundation Awards

Books for the World Award​
​Helps scientists, educators, extension personnel, and other agriculturalists in developing countries acquire educational materials from APS PRESS.

Nasir Ahmed Rajput​
University of Agriculture

Buncha Chinnasri
Kasetsart University

Abdulkadir Dalha Isa
Ahmadu Bello University Zaria

Sobodh Khanal
Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science

Santosh Lohani (picture not available)
Horticulture Research Station

Frank L. Howard Undergraduate Fellowship Fund​​
This fund supports undergraduate research projects in plant pathology.​

Emma Barrett
Colorado State University

French-Monar Latin American Award 

​Provides support for a Latin American plant pathologist to attend an annual meeting of APS, publish in journals, or pay for ​APS membership.​

Diego Ernesto Gutierrez Castillo
Colorado State University

Lafayette Frederick Diversity in Mentoring Award​

Provides mentored experiences in plant pathology for students and postdocs from underrepresented minority groups, with the ultimate goal of increasing diversity in APS and the plant health community at large

Renata Belisario
University of Kentucky​

Sara Thomas-Sharma

Louisiana​ State University​

Mathre Student Educational Award

Provides support for student endeavors which further their education outside of the APS Annual Meeting.​

Temilade M. Fetuga, Nigeria

OPSR Plant ​Pathology Experiential Awards 

In collaboration with the APS Foundation, the APS Office of Private Sector and Relations ​(OPSR) offers two experiential awards: individual (annually) and department​al (every two​ years).The purpose of this award is to support professional development, learn about career opportunities and/or gain technical expertise in support of current​ research endeavors.

Recipient: Association of Plant Pathology Scholars (APPS) from the University of Kentucky

Raymond J. Tarleton Student Fellowship

Provides support to plant pathology graduate students for expenses related to their research, equipment, education, and skills development.

Marilen Nampijja
Washington State University

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