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Foundation Awards

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Special thanks to our donors​ who support the APS Foundation! Your continued support makes these opportunities possible. ​Learn more about the aw​ards​ and other funding opportunities that ​help support future leaders in plant pathology.

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Foundation Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following APS members who received awards from the APS Foundation​. 

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2020 Awardees

APS Found​​​ation Student Travel Awardees ​

Books for the World Award​​

  • ​​​​Aziza El Yaegoubi
  • Faheem Uddin Rajer
  • Tonjock Rosemary Kinge
  • Gillian Rowe 

  • Rowan Hatagan

J. Artie and Arra Browning Plant Medicine and Health Travel Fund

  • Lindsay Overmyer 

  • Maira Rodrigues Duffeck
  • Nikita Gambhir
  • Anna Wallis
  • Xing Wei
  • Bill Weldon

Indian Phytopathological Society Student Travel Award

  • Praveen Boda
  • Darshan K.
  • Kavi Sidharthan Venkidusamy

  • Mathews Paret​
  • Liza DeGenring

  • Faheem Uddin Rajer 

  • Will Cody
  • Dimitre Mollov
  • Cindi Cieniewics​
  • Washington Da ​Silva

2020 Foundation Stude​nt Awards ​

The interest from these funds helps underwrite the cost of APS Annual Meeting attendance for students. The Graduate Student Committee assists the Foundation in developing application standards and in awardee selection. Thank you to all of our generous Named Student Travel Award Donors for allowing the following 31​ students to attend Plant Health 2020 Online!

  1. Katrin Ayer
  2. Justine Beaulieu​
  3. Morgan Carter
  4. Cecilia Chagas de Freitas
  5. Kimberly D'Arcangelo
  6. John Dobbs
  7. Zoe Dubrow
  8. Nelomie Galagedara
  9. Soumya Ghosh
  10. Nathaniel Heiden
  11. Ram Khadka
  12. Katherine LaTourrette
  13. Karen Luong
  14. Alexandra Margets
  15. Marcus Vinicius Merfa
  16. Blake Oakley
  17. Cristian Olmos
  18. Rodrigo Borba Onofre
  19. Camilo Parada Rojas​
  20. Michelle Paukett
  21. Lindsey Pedroncelli
  22. Ella Reeves
  23. Katherine Rivera-Zuluaga
  24. Tiffanna Ross
  25. Manuela Samaco
  26. Andres Sanabria
  27. Anuj Sharma
  28. Martha Sudermann
  29. Pei-Ling Yu
  30. Cristina Zambrana-Echevarria 
  31. Gillian Frihse