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​​​Fieldside Manner: Serving Plant Pathology’s Stakeholders (Part 1 & Part 2)​

Broadcast Date: October 2017

What Will Participants Learn?

  • Learn how to be mindful of stakeholders’ thoughts, input, feelings, and cultures and understand how they communicate plant health problems.
  • Learn how to identify and adapt to the needs of various stakeholder groups in order to address plant health problems.

Who Should View?

APS members and allied plant health professionals within the United States and internationally at all stages of their careers, especially those in the early and mid-career stages.

Just as doctors must have good bedside manner when dealing with patients, plant pathologists must be mindful of their “fieldside manner” when dealing with diverse stakeholder groups, ranging from growers to politicians. Plant pathologists have many opportunities to foster relationships and understanding with these individuals. These relationships are necessary to take our science to practice. Speakers will share their experiences and advice on effectively communicating and interacting with stakeholders. ​

Pulling No Punches:
Be Honest and Direct and Still Achieve Your Goals

Dr. Walt Mahaffee
The Business of Working with Stakeholders
Dr. Courtney Gallup
Dow AgroSciences LLC
Working Relationships with Regulated Stakeholders:
A Win-Win

Dr. Mary Palm



Part 2

Tapping into Growers' Expertise:
Engaging in Extension

Dr. Lindsey du Toit
Washington State University,
Mount Vernon NWREC
Have I told You About the Time...:
Communicating "Plant Pathology" to Diverse Audiences in Academia

Dr. James Bradeen
University of Minnesota
Think Locally, Act Globally:
Meeting Stakeholders' Needs in Developing Countries

Dr. Anna Testen
The Ohio State University