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Save the Date: Committee Connections Pre-Plant Health Meetings

Funding Opportunities Available from APS Foundation

Join us virtually July 8–19, 2024, for the Committee Connections Pre-Plant Health Meetings. As we prepare, leaders are encouraged to discuss preferred meeting dates and times with their members, ensuring readiness for the scheduling poll in early April. Get ready to collaborate, plan, and network ahead of the Plant Health Meetings! Stay tuned for more details.

Plant Health 2024

​Now Accepting Technical Abstract Submissions! 

Submit your abstract for your opportunity to share your research at this year's annual meeting. We want ​to see your science from emerging diseases to biocontrol strategies and disease management to new technologies this July in Memphis, TN. ​​​​

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​​New Virtual Meeting

The Genus Phytophthora – Don’t Change a Winning Concept?

April 22–25, join us for a special virtual meeting to discuss the naming concept of the genus Phytophthora.

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Current Collection: Diseases of Hemp and Cannabis

Stay current on relevant and timely plant health topics with selected resources from the Plant Health meeting, APS journals, and more.

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Seed Pathology Fundamentals: Regional to Global Implications

Gain knowledge on topics ranging from disease management to seed trade policies, and everything in between.

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Emerging Research

​​ A Reevaluation of Phylogenomic Data Reveals that Current Understanding in Wheat Blast Population Biology and Epidemiology Is Obfuscated by Oversights in Population Sampling

The recent appearance of wheat blast (Pyricularia oryzae Triticum lineage [PoT]) in Bangladesh and Zambia underscores the need to understand its population biology and epidemiology to prevent widespread outbreaks. Previous studies primarily focused on Brazilian isolates. However, re-analysis of previous studies on Brazilian isolates revealed four new P. oryzae lineages on grass hosts.

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