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New APS Webinar: Mycotoxin Management

Learn how to manage mycotoxin contamination of food and feed crops with novel strategies that can be applied both pre- and post-harvest. Target tactics to specific crops and discover various mycotoxin systems so you can improve crop safety and the economic viability of crop production. Don't miss this chance to discuss the challenges of effective control in the context of a changing climate—register now!

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Public Policy Board Call for Applications

The APS Public Policy Board (PPB) is seeking a plant pathology subject matter expert (SME) to act as a part-time liaison with the EPA.​ Review eligibility and application requirements prior to submitting an application. The submission deadline is July 31.

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Plant Health 2024

​It's Almost Time for Plant Health 2024!

Plant Health 2024 starts Saturday, July 27, with pre-meeting events! D​on't miss your chance to join us! Register now to be part of this exciting event and connect with fellow plant health professionals.

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Advance your understanding in plant pathology and related disciplines with our webinars. Catch up on content whenever you want with our webinar archive.

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Learning ​Collections

Current Collection: Biocontrol Strategies

Stay current on relevant and timely plant health topics with selected resources from the Plant Health meeting, APS journals, and more.

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On-Demand Course

Seed Pathology Fundamentals: Regional to Global Implications

Gain knowledge on topics ranging from disease management to seed trade policies, and everything in between.

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Emerging Research

​​Phytobiomes Journal Focus Issue Preview

Get an early look at the first published article that will be included in the Phytovirome Focus Issue.

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