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Staying current on new trends and research findings in plant pathology is crucial to ensuring that your work remains relevant. APS offers multiple ways to develop and advance your career.


APS webinars provide short learning opportunities from leaders in our profession. Topics cover a variety of issues like plant pathology topics, research methodologies, career growth, and more. Live and on-demand webinars are free for APS members.

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APS courses offer in-depth learning over several weeks on a specific topic of interest in plant pathology. These online, hybrid, or in person opportunities help you learn more about key topics that will improve your research.

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learning collections.pngA​PS Learning Collect​ions

Learning Collections put relevant and timel​y topics “under the microscope,” with the same deep dive into key topic areas as you've come to expect from APS Courses. Featuring a variety of on-demand resources and discussion forums for active, online engagement, they offer easy access for learning on your own schedule.

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cover_small.jpgPlantopia Podcast

This series from APS discusses ways protecting plant health can ensure a sustainable future. Tune in to explore the world of plant health in company with plant pathologists—people on a mission to protect plants and our food supply.

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Grow: Plant Health Exchange

A​ place for plant health management professionals to exchange knowledge and discover the latest applied research. Access this collection of resources produced to enhance professional knowledge, increase profitability, and improve the sustainability of plant production.​​

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