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​​​OPRO Meets​



"OPRO Meets" features a wide array of science outreach events and activities that are organized by various APS members and affiliates. The purpose of these articles is to recognize science outreach-related activities organized by APS membership and encourage outreach through publicizing it and making necessary materials available to recreate these events/activities. Each article below has been featured in the APS Phytopathology Newsletter.​

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​​OPRO Meets Archive​​​

Plant Pathogens and the People That Study Them | OPRO Meets Melanie Medina López

December 2021

E.A.G.L.E Camp for Junior and Senior High School Students | OPRO Meets the Auburn University F.S. Arant Entomology and Plant Pathology Club

August 2021

Spotlight on Research Profiles | OPRO Meets Becky Sideman

July 2021

E-Poster Presentation at ComSciCon-Atlanta 2021​ | OPRO Meets Melissa Molho​

May 2021

Plant Pathology Private Eye | OPRO Meets Alyssa Koehler

April 2021

Iowa Youth Crop Scouting Competition | OPRO Meets Maya Hayslett

March 2021

A Short Course in Plant Pathology for Middle-School Students Through Remote Learning | OPRO Meets Renata Belisario, Jacob Ball, Laura Tew, and Lisa Vaillancourt​

February 2021

How Plants Grow & Mischievous Microbes | OPRO Meets Mariama Carter

January 2021

Greg Page Community Garden Educational Enhancement Project | OPRO Meets Erica Fealko

December 2020