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​​​​Plant Pathology Education Online: Best Practices in Developing and D​elivering Courses

​​Broadcast Date: July 30th, 2020 | 3:00pm Central Time

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​Webinar Summary

Disruptions from COVID-19 have affected numerous aspects of daily life. One of the most impacted areas has been in education due to the rapid transition to online delivery of courses. The sudden shift to online education has created an immediate need for plant pathology teaching resources for educators, and APS is now leading efforts to provide these online resources in several ways. In this webinar, we will present best practices for developing course content, rigor, integrity, teaching strategies, and accessibility. The webinar also will present ideas for online teaching with wet labs and active learning in plant pathology. The webinar will be delivered by Drs. Dominique N. Tate, Academic Program Specialist in the Department of Plant Pathology at The Ohio State University, and Dr. Jeff Stone, Oregon State University. Both have experience in developing and delivering plant pathology courses online.

About the Presenters

D​r. Dominique Tate received her undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of Maryland Baltimore County before moving to Columbus Ohio to become a Buckeye. She received her PhD in 2018 at Ohio State University studying avirulence genes in Magnaporthe oryzae under Dr. Thomas Mitchell. While a graduate student, she devoted a chapter of her dissertation to a four-year study examining how to improve teaching pedagogy though assessment strategies in general plant pathology courses. After graduation, she was hired by OSU as an academic program specialist and dedicated herself to teaching and developing online courses at OSU that meet the university’s high standard of quality and accessibility. Recognizing that the university system was beginning to move more towards online learning, she successfully developed two online courses and is currently working on her third while aiding in the brainstorming and development of two other courses over the past two years. She will also be attempting to aid the movement of eight lectures and three wet labs to a distance learning or hybrid formats this summer to comply with new COVID​-19 policies.

Dr. Jeff Stone received his PhD in mycology from the University of Oregon in 1986 and has been a Research Professor in the Dept of Botany and Plant Pathology at Oregon State University since 1994. His research interests are fungal pathogens of woody hosts and the roles of native and exotic pathogens on forest communities. Jeff has taught online classes in botany, mycology, ecology and plant pathology through Oregon State University ecampus over the past 15 years. Jeff is a strong advocate for virtual classrooms and online learning that provide access to university classes to a highly diverse group of students for whom traditional university classrooms may be impractical or unavailable.