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​2023 NABT Teaching Resources​

Career Exploration

Help your students explore careers in plant sciences with career resources from APS.

Outreach Resources

Plant Disease Teaching Resources

Lesson plans, lab exercises, games, and classroom resources, explore the "APS Teaching Articles" section. These materials are crafted to support effective plant science education.

  1. Liven up your labs with lab exercises about plants, fungi, and more
    • Microscopy Basics
    • Classroom Activities in Plant Biotechnology
    • Plants Get Sick Too Activities
    • Who done it? Koch's Postulates
    • CSI with Powdery Mildew Fungi
    • Antigen-Antibody Testing: A Visual Simulation or Virtual Reality
  2. Plant Disease Lessons on a variety of plant diseases are an excellent resource for student research projects.
  3. Look at APS Teaching Articles to find lesson plans, games, and other resources.
    • A short course in plant pathology for middle school
    • Micología en Ruedas”: a lesson plan to increase awareness of mycology in K-12 classrooms (In English and Spanish)
    • Lesson pland for a four-part activity introducing field plot experimentation to undergraduate researchers
    • Biotechnology Feud Game

Beyond the Lesson: Reading materials, Videos, Plant Health Infographics, and more…

Looking for high-quality and engaging reads on science topics? APS selects books each year for the DeBary Children's​ Science Book Award (for readers ages 5-16+)

DeBary Children's Book Award

Check out the International Year of Plant Health website for Skype a Scientist videos and plant health infographics

IYPH Resources