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APS History

People move forward into the future out of the way they comprehend ​the past. ​- Norman Mailer​

Forming The American Phytopathological Society

It was the future that was on the minds of the 54 people who met in December of 1908 to create "The American Phytopathological Society." These scientists envisioned a society that would be "of invaluable aid in promoting the future development of this important and rapidly growing subject." The founding members of our society left an invaluable legacy. The vision of our founding members became a reality. Today, APS is a vibrant, flourishing society whose members have made significant and far-reaching advances in plant pathology.

​(excerpt from the preface of "Memorable Milestones: The American Phytopathological Society Centennial Collection")

Healthy Plants, Healthy History

Featured in this section of are various resources that document our vibrant past. In addition to information on the official APS Archives, there are links to Charter Members and Past Presidents of the society, biographical details on Pioneering Plant Pathologists, Images that offer a unique sense of history, a Timeline of major scientific developments, and a collection of Memorable Quotes. A growing number of books available on the history of plant pathology are highlighted in History by APS Press and Historical Resources offers information on discovering more about APS history. The Centennial link includes a number of fascinating member projects featured during the A​PS Centennial in 2008.​