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​​​Apply for Foundation Funding

Numerous funds from the APS Foundation’s portfolio provide financial support to APS members through the following awards and fellowships. These opportunities support students and student programs, the development of young scientists, the society's international activities, early career fellowships and workshops, and programs of special interest to the contributor.​ 

Award Fun​d Descriptions​

Review award details and eligibility requirements​ for each fund prior to submitting your application. ​​

Experiential Awards

  • Steven C. Nelson Early Career Development Award​ 
    Awards are made in support of activities that enhance the educational and professional development of MS and PhD students and postdoctoral scholars ​in Plant Pathology.​
  • OPSR Plant ​Pathology Experiential Awards
    In collaboration with the APS Foundation, the APS Office of Private Sector and Relations ​(OPSR) offers two experiential awards: individual (annually) and department​al (every two​ years).The purpose of this award is to support professional development, learn about career opportunities and/or gain technical expertise in support of current​ research endeavors.
  • OIP Global Experience Award 
    In collaboration with the APS Foundation, the APS Office of International Program (OIP) Global Experience Award helps APS plant pathologists working with scientists and extension personnel in developing countries in training and outreach efforts. ​

​Invited Symposia Awards at the APS Annual Meeting​

​DEADLINE EXTENDED! Applications for the 2023 awards are due March 30​

  • ​​I. E. Melhus Awards 
    ​Supports APS graduate student participants selected to present their research at the I.E. Melhus symposium at the ​APS Annual Meeting.
    • ​​​2023 theme: Systems-based approaches, tools, and tactics to combat mycotoxins for a sustainable and safe food supply
  • Schroth Faces of the Future Awards 
    Supports the Faces of the Future symposium at the APS Annual Meeting by acknowledging up-and-coming early career APS scientists in specific areas of plant pathology.​
    • 2023 theme: Host Resistance and Host/Pathogen Interaction

Research, Education, and Mentoring Awards​

​Travel Awards

  • Browning Plant Medicine and Health Travel Award 
    Supports travel of a student in a Doctor of Plant Medicin​e, Doctor of Plant Health, and similar programs to attend a professional society meeting in any of the plant health and plant protection disciplines.​
  • French-Monar Latin American Award 
    Provides support for a Latin American plant pathologist to attend an annual meeting of APS, publish in journals, or pay for APS membership.​
  • International Travel Award ​​​
    Provides travel​ support for early- to mid-career international APS members to participate at an APS Annual Meeting.
  • Named Student Travel Awards 
    Provides support for current APS Student member​s who submit an abstract and present ​at an APS Annual Meeting.​
  • John and Ann Niederhauser Endowment Award (JANE) 
    Supports international cooperation on a project between a person/institution in the U.S. and a person/institution outside of the U.S.

​The following awards are managed by committees outside of the APS Foundation:​


Contact the APS Foundation Board.​