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​​​Apply for Foundation Funding

Numerous funds from the APS Foundation’s portfolio provide financial support to APS members through the following grants and fellowships. These opportunities support students and student programs, the development of young scientists, the society's international activities, early career fellowships and workshops, and programs of special interest to the contributor.​ 

Fun​d Descriptions​

Review details and eligibility requirements​ for each fund prior to submitting your application. ​​​Applicants are required to be current APS members unless noted otherwise. 


  • Steven C. Nelson Early Career Development​ 
    Fund provides support of activities that enhance the educational and professional development of APS members how are either MS and PhD students and postdoctoral scholars ​in Plant Pathology.​
  • OPSR Plant ​Pathology Experiential
    In collaboration with the APS Foundation, the APS Office of Private Sector and Relations ​(OPSR) offers two experiential offerings to APS members: individual (annually) and department​al (every two​ years). This fund supports professional development, learning more about career opportunities and/or gaining technical expertise in support of current​ research endeavors.
  • OIP Global Experience 
    In collaboration with the APS Foundation, the APS Office of International Program (OIP) Global Experience fund helps APS members who are​ plant pathologists working with scientists and extension personnel in developing countries in training and outreach efforts. ​

Research, Education, and Mentoring​

  • Books for the World
    Helps scientists, educators, extension personnel, and other agriculturalists in developing countries acquire educational materials from APS PRESS. 
  • Frank L. Howard Undergraduate Fellowship 
    Provides support to undergraduate research projects in plant pathology.
  • ​​Lafayette Frederick Diversity in Mentoring​  ​
    Goal is to increase the number of practicing plant pathologists from underrepresented groups​, particularly those from historically black colleges and universities, 1890 land-grant institutions, Tribal colleges and universities (1994 land-grant institutions), and minority serving institutions.
  • Mathre Endowment for Education​ 
    Provides support to plant pathology education and outreach programs.
  • Student Edu​cation ​Fund​
    Provides support for student endeavors which further their education outside of the APS Annual Meeting.
  • Raymond J. Tarleton Student Fellowship 
    Provides support to plant pathology graduate students for expenses related to their research, equipment, education, and skills development.​

​Travel Grants (outside of APS Annual Meetings)

  • Browning Plant Medicine and Health Travel Grant 
    ​Supports travel of an APS Student member in a Doctor of Plant Medicin​e, Doctor of Plant Health, and similar programs to attend a professional society meeting in any of the plant health and plant protection disciplines.​

  • French-Monar Latin American Grant  
    Provides financial support to APS members that are Latin American graduate students or early career plant pathologists in a variety of ways.​ ​

  • John and Ann Niederhauser Endowment (JANE) 
    ​Supports international cooperation on a project between a person/institution in the U.S. and a person/institution outside of the U.S.​

Annual Meeting​​ Invited Symposia and Travel Support

  • ​​I. E. Melhus Graduate Student Symposium 
    ​Supports APS Graduate Student Members selected to present their research at the I.E. Melhus symposium​ at the ​APS Annual Meeting.
  • Schroth Faces of the Future Symposium​ ​
    Supports the Faces of the Future symposium at the APS Annual Meeting by acknowledging up-and-coming APS Early Career members in specific areas of plant pathology.​​​

​Annual Meeting Travel Grant Opportunities​

  • Student Travel Grants 
    Provides travel support for current APS Student member​s who are attending and presenting at ​an APS Annual Meeting.​

  • International Travel Grant ​​​
    Provides travel​ support for early- to mid-career international APS members who are presenting and attending an APS Annual Meeting.​ 

  • The Indian Phytopat​hology Society Student Travel Grant​ 
    ​Supports travel to plant pathology students residing in India, who are members of The Indian Phytopathology Society (IPS​)​, to attend the APS Annual Meeting or other APS sanctioned meeting if deemed appropriate by IPS and APS Foundation Board.​ ​​

​The following are managed by committees outside of the APS Foundation:​


Contact the APS Foundation Board.​