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Committee Connections​

Welcome to APS Committee Connections, where engagement and collaboration thrive! The next meeting series is coming up July 8 - 19, 2024. Join us in a dynamic exchange of ideas that shape the future of our community. All Committee Connections meetings are open to all APS members.

Save the Dates!

July 8-19, 2024, will be when the Pre-Plant Health Committee Connections will be scheduled.

2024 Pre-Plant Health Committee Connections Schedule


All scheduled times are listed in Central Time

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What to Expect from APS Committee Connections?

APS Committee Connections provide a platform to:

  • Receive: Consistent leadership updates during biannual sessions
  • Gain: In-depth insights into society initiatives​
  • Understand and Clarify: Each committee's expected contributions
  • Explore: All APS members are invited to join in Committee Connections scheduled virtual meetings to learn and explore committee volunteer activities

Committee Connections aims to bolster society communications by hosting two sessions per year for leaders to provide committees with regular society updates and invite all APS members to participate and experience committee volunteer activities and possibilities. These are not a replacement for regular committee meetings.

Committee Participation Process & FAQs

  • How do I Join APS Committees?

    To join APS Subject Matter Expertise Committees and/or Career Pathway Committees, please complete the Committee Interest Form.

  • Why does the form only let me select 3 committees to join? Is that a limit?

    While the form specifies a maximum of 3 committees for submission, you can join as many committees as you have time to participate in actively. Contact APS staff for assistance if you wish to join more than 3.

  • What is my committee​ term?

    For Subject Matter Committees and Career Pathway committees, member terms are 3 years with the effective start date beginning at the close of the APS Annual Meeting.

  • Where can I find my committee term?

    Visit the APS Leadership page for a list of all committees and rosters, including member names, positions, and term end dates. Select your committee to view full roster.

  • Do I need to re-join?

    Yes, once your 3-year term has ended, interested members must re-submit the Committee Interest Form or contact APS Staff​ to reactivate your committee membership.

  • I'm a committee member within my 3-year term and don't see my name on the roster

    Only current APS members are listed in the online committee listing. To check your membership status, log into your APS member account and review your profile by selecting the “Manage” link to see your APS membership paid through date and then follow the “Renew Now” to reactivate.

    To view Division or Committee Terms, select:

  • What expectations does APS have for Subject Matter Expertise Committees (SME) and Career Pathway Committees (CPC)?

    APS Council has outlined specific expectations and charges for SMEs (Subject Matter Committees) and CPCs (Career Pathway Committees) to ensure active engagement, effective functioning and that committee's activities are aligned with strategic goals, and the overall vision and mission of APS.

  • Who is responsible for submitting the yearly report?

    The Committee's Annual Report to APS Council, encompassing updates on past activities and outlining the committee's upcoming plans, is typically a collaborative effort between the outgoing and incoming chairs. The Annual Report is due each year by August 31, marking the completion of the first month of the new committee year. While it's common for the currently active chair (incoming chair) to submit the report, the decision on the individual responsible for submission is at the discretion of each committee as long as the report is submitted using the online Annual Report Form by the yearly deadline of August 31. Failure to submit an annual report 

  • I have questions that are not addressed in the FAQ. Who can I ask?

    Any questions can be directed to APS Staff via email, phone +1-651-454-7250, or online General Information Form.

    APS staff is always available at for further assistance.