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​​​​​Solutions from Scale: Diagnosing the Need for New Methods Using Real World Data​​

​​Join us for Part 2​ of our series Technology Transfer: From The Lab To The Diagnostician’s Bench.​

Broadcast Date: May 13, 2020​

Why is this ​important?

Knowing method limitations in advance is essential to reducing risk in a commercial testing environment. As a test manufacturer, Agdia defines test limitations by assessing key analytical and diagnostic performance characteristics. Only assays that meet pre-defined validation criteria are made available. What happens when a validated method developed by a test manufacturer or an outside agency exists in a changing host-pathogen environment?

Screening hundreds of thousands of samples a year, Agdia Testing Services is on the forefront of this change. Agdia receives samples of all types from many locations, especially in the event of an outbreak. A new host, new isolate, or new scale of processing can point to previously unknown gaps in the original validation.

Join us as we:

  • Explore the challenges of implementing a method in a high-throughput testing laboratory
  • Learn about the diagnostics-research feedback loop that drives method improvement

Speaker: Deborah Groth-Helms

Groth-Helms_Deborah_100x150.jpg Deborah (Debi) Groth-Helms is the Director of Testing Services at Agdia Incorporated, a leading provider of plant pathogen dia​gnostics headquartered in Indiana. The Testing Services diagnostic laboratory receives samples of nearly every plant species from nearly every country around the world. Debi holds a M.Sc. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Agronomy (Purdue University) and has grown with Agdia for the past 13 years. She has been involved with test validation throughout her career at Agdia, from consulting with Research & Development on new tests to forming a committed department of Technical Support. As Quality Manager, Debi designed and maintains the ISO/IEC 17025 accredited quality program in addition to various other trade and regulatory certifications. She serves as project director and contact for several grant programs at Agdia, including USDA-NIFA SBIR. In her spare time, Debi enjoys collaborating with local high schools and nonprofits in project-based learning initiatives that focus on plant health.

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