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​​​Hungry Planet: Stories of Plant Diseases​​

Date Accepted: 30 Dec 1899
 Date Published: 30 Dec 1899


Student Resources

Plant diseases have changed human history and culture, yet few people know much about plants or the pathogens that cause plant diseases. The book Hungry Planet presents stories of plant disease epidemics that illustrate the past and present vulnerability of some important plants that people use for food, for fibers and oils, and for green spaces. Biological concepts from a variety of scientific fields are introduced along the way, and more technical information is found in the Science Sidebars. Plant pathology is a science with important ties to human welfare. All citizens should be aware of the biological basis of legislation governing environmental protection, pesticide use, release of genetically engineered organisms, land preservation for agricultural use, and genetic reserves.  

These Student Resources complement the printed book. Each chapter includes an Image Gallery with color images. Words to Know are individually linked to an online illustrated glossary. Additional print and Internet resources are listed. Each short podcast discusses a major concept or issue, clarifies a particular point of confusion, and offers review questions. Finally, questions for discussion may be used to continue the conversation after reading the chapter.

Chapter One.The Irish Potato Famine: The Birth of Plant Pathology
Chapter Two.The Most Important Plant Pathogens: Fungi and Oomycetes
Chapter Three.Coffee and Rubber: Monocultures and Quarantines
Chapter Four.To Grow a Healthy Plant: Soil, Water, and Air
Chapter Five.Single-Celled Pathogens: Bacteria
Chapter Six.People Improving Plants: Genes and Genetic Engineering
Chapter Seven.Roles People Play: Epidemics and Their Management​
Chapter Eight.Chemicals to Protect Plants: Pesticides
Chapter Nine.The World B​elowground: Soilborne Pathogens
Chapter Ten:Natural Poisons and Gourmet Delicacies: Fungi in Food
Chapter Eleven:Ancient and Present Day Foes: The Rusts
Chapter Twelve.Diseases of the Largest Plants: Trees
Chapter Thirteen.The Smallest Pathogens: Viruses and Viroids
Chapter Fourteen.Food ​for a Hungry Planet​​​