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​​How to Get or Write a Killer Letter of R​ecommendation​

Broadcast Date: September 12, 2018

​Webinar Summary

Few people think about letters of reference until they need one or need to write one. However, a good practice is to start thinking about the letters you will need or need to write from the beginning of a new position. Keeping in mind that your letter writers are busy people, request letters in a way that will allow them to spend quality time on your letter. This will likely lead to the best results.


Carolee T. Bull

Carolee T. Bull, PhD

Professor & Department Head, Department of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology
Director Penn State Microbiome Center


By the end of this webinar viewers will have a greater understanding of:

  1. Understand the role that a letter of recommendation plays in applications
  2. Strategize achievements and products needed for a great letter of recommendation
  3. Learn how to ask for a killer letter
  4. Develop strategies for having examples ready for letters you need to write
  5. Identify the parts of the letter and what is important for each part
  6. Provide tips for getting your point across

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