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​Why Contribute?

It doesn't matter how large or small your donation is, what matters is that you care enough to give. By working together and pooling our resources, we can create a self-sustaining treasury of fund​s for advancing the study and practice of plant pathology. 

​​Thank You Contributors!

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Contributions through December 31, 2019​

LEGACY CLUB​​ $50,000 + PLATINUM CLUB $20,000 – $49,999
Alvarez, Anne
American Phytopathological Soc.
Browning, J. Artie
French, Edward and DeliaMartyn, Raymond Jr
Mathre, Don
Niederhauser, John and Ann
Schroth, Milton and Nancy
Tarleton, Raymond​
Coakley, Stella Melugin
Chase Agricultural Consulting LLCDraper, Martin​
Dubin, H. Jesse
Gorenz, August
Kuc, Karola
Sherwood, John
Shurtleff, Malcolm
Syngenta Crop Protection​
EXECUTIVE CLUB  $10,000 - $19,999 FIVE K CLUB $5,000 - $9,999
Abawi, George
APS/APHIS Virus Committee
Aycock, Robert and Elsie
Cook, R. James and Beverly
Dow AgroSciences
DuPont PioneerFletcher, Jacqueline
Fry, William
Goeppinger, Mrs. Walter
Gubler, Carol
Gutierrez, Mario
Hastings, Dwight
Keen, Noel (Dr. and Mrs.)
Leach, Jan and Tisserat, Ned
Monsanto Company
Paddock, William
Rowe, Randall
Sequeira, Luis
Tammen, Jim and Marilyn
Tolin, Sue
Vidaver, Anne
Wallin, Jack and Janet
Yulee Seed Company​
Agdia Inc.
Allen, Caitilyn
Amador, Jose
APS North Eastern Division
APS Office of International Programs
APS Pan American Conference/Jose Amador
Bergstrom, Gary
Boehm, Michael
Brakke, Myron (Dr. and Mrs.)
Cali, Brant
Chinese Society of Plant Pathology
D'Arcy, Cleora
Dezoeten, Gustaaf
Dolezal, William
Eversole, Kellye
Eyal, Yona
​Flor, Harold
Ford, Richard
Fulton, Jeanette

Gleason, Mark
Grogan, Raymond
Ishimaru, Carol​
Jacobsen, Barry
Kontaxis, D. G.
Leavitt, George
Madden, Laurence
Miller, Sally and Chip Styer
Muse, Ronald
Nelson, Steven
Paulus, Albert
Quigley, Malcolm
Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation
Schafer, John and Joyce
Scherm, Harald
Schumann, Ga​il
Seem, Robert
Stakman Fund
Tally, Allison
Thomas, H. Rex​
PRESIDENTS CLUB $2,500 - $4,999 
American Soc. of Brewing Chemists
Apple, J. Lawrence
Arysta LifeScience
Aycock, Suzanne
Barker, Kenneth
Beadle, Danise
Blumenstock, John
Bowen, Kira
Canadian Phytopathological Society
Carroll, Nona Beth
Chemtura Corp
Chevalley Hiss, Judith 
Corteve Agriscience
Daughtrey, Margery
Deep, Ira
Delp, Charles
du Toit, Lindsey​Enebek, Scott
Frank, James 
Fulton, Joseph
Fungicide Resistance Action Committee
Green Jr., Ralph
Gylling, Steven
Frank, James 
Fulton, Joseph
Fungicide Resistance Action Committee
Green Jr., Ralph
Gylling, Steven
Hammerschmidt, Raymond
Hammond, Rosemarie
Hanson, Linda
Harrington, Thomas
Jenkins, Andrew
Jones, Alan
Kelman, Arthur
Kingsland, Graydon
Landis International Inc.​
Litzenberger, Samuel
MacDonald, James
McMillan, Robert Jr.
McNabb, Harold Jr.
Meiners, JackMellinger, Charles
Metz, Paul
Mitchell, John ​
Moyer, James 
Ogawa, Marge
Purdy, LaurenceSanjaya, Rajaram
Slack, Steven
Smart, Christine
Stack, James
Steadman, ​James
Sumner, Donald
The Phytopathological Society of Japan
Thomason, Ivan
Tweedy, Billy 
Walkinshaw Jr., Charles
Williams, Paul 
Windels, Carol
Zentmyer, George and Dorothy
Zoller, Broc​

​​​Additional Donor Levels and Contributors are listed in the full contributor report.
​View Compl​ete Listing of C​ontri​butors ​​​