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​Crafting an Engaging Introduction to your Research​​

Part of the Office of Public Relations and Outreach Communication Webinar series

Broadcast Date: June 17, 2022
Time: 12:00 Noon Central

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Webinar Summary

We spend a lot of time learning how to plan and execute a research program, however, an ever-growing aspect of research is the ability to explain what you do to all kinds of audiences. But, how do you explain the complexities of what you do to anyone you meet? What about your research can capture someone’s interest in under a minute? Everyone could be as interested in what you are doing as you are! In this short workshop, the Office of Public Relations and Outreach (OPRO) team aims to provide tips and tricks on communicating with the general public and putting that knowledge to work crafting an “elevator pitch” for your research. Our invited speakers will kick things off with a quick introduction to things that have and have not worked in their experience in outreach. We will finish the workshop with small interactive working groups to refine a short (1 minute) introduction to your research. Be prepared to come to the workshop with a draft of your introduction and be very involved during this activity!

Due to the interactive nature of this workshop, it cannot be recorded for viewing later and will be unavailable for On-Demand.

What attendees can expect:

  • Tips for effective communication to the general public
  • Collaborative input on individual short research explanations


Dr. Elena Rubino
Assistant Professor of Conservation Social Science, College of Forestry, Agriculture, and Natural Resources, the University of Arkansas at Monticello

Elena Rubino’s research focuses on how conservation of wildlife and habitat may be attained on private and communal lands worldwide. She takes an interdisciplinary approach to her research, where she employs quantitative and qualitative methods to explore how stakeholders’ cognitions and behaviors influence and are affected by the conservation of wildlife and habitat. Dr. Rubino investigates how policy, decision-making, and communication can be used to improve conservation outcomes in areas such as human-wildlife conflict and promote the engagement of private landowners in conservation. This research assists government agencies and conservation organizations in the design of conservation policy, management actions, and strategic communications/outreach.

Dr. Matthew Smith
Associate Professor in Fungal Biology, Department of Plant Pathology, University of Florida

Matthew Smith is affiliated with the Department of Plant Pathology but also serves as the curator of the Fungal Collection for the Florida Museum of Natural History (FLAS). Matt teaches fungal biology and conducts research on fungal systematics, ecology, and evolution. He also works with a variety of Florida stakeholders, including the UF Plant Diagnostic Center, the UF Veterinary School, Florida Poison Control, Master Gardeners, and local extension centers to help identify fungi in the state of Florida. He loves all kinds of fungi but truffles (fungi that fruit below ​ground) are his favorite!