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​​​​​Leadership Tools​

​​​​The following information is provided to APS Committees to help you get oriented with APS ways of working and the tools provided to support your committee. If you have any que​stions​, please contact Linda Schmitt at APS or one of the Councilors-At-Large

Leadership Development 2.0

The APS Leadership Institute new approach for 2022-23 leadership development will focus on:

  • ​Connecting action to the APS Strategic Plan
  • Facilitating smoother transitions in committee leadership
  • Enabling lagging committees to reengage
  • Providing a platform through which committee chairs and vice chairs can interact more directly

Areas of Focus

  • Vice Chairs: Two sessions consolidating topics from the 2021-22 Leadership Development Program. 
  • Subject Area Committees: Leading our unique knowledge force including trend assessment and connecting to the strategic plan.
  • Program Committees: Leading our unique workforce including and connecting to the strategic plan. 
  • Deep Dives into Collaboration: Specific objectives within the strategic plan will require intense collaboration and longer timeframes for implementation. The Leadership Institute can be a catalyst for implementing plans across the organization. The deep dives will bring leaders together to develop a roadmap for action and collaboration. Topic areas identified for 2022-23 include: 
    • ​Goal A: Advancements in plant health science are accelerated through professional collaboration and data sharing. Objective 2: Increase access to data across platforms. 
    • Goal B: A growing workforce has the skills necessary to ensure sustainable plant health. Objective 3: Increase availability of shared undergrad/graduate curriculum focused on plant pathology. 

2022 Leadership Development 2.0 Series

  • APS Strategic Plan Update and Tactics

  • Leading APS Subject Matter Committees​

2021 Cohort Series:

  • Topic Area 1: Roles & Responsibilities: Connecting to the APS Strategic Plan, Delegation as Chair - leading, managing, identifying/mentoring next leaders 

Committee Chair/Vice Chair Orientation & Online Community Demo

Community ​Toolkit

  • Committee Chair/Vice Chair Orientation
  • APS Online Community Demo

Councilors' Challenge

Each summer, the Councilors-at-Large challenge APS committees with a fun competition with submissions being due in the fall. ​​​

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