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​Mission, Vision & Overview


Discover, disseminate, and apply new knowledge of plant health worldwide to promote the development and adoption of economically and environmentally sustainable practices. 

Core Purpose

​Advancing the science of plant pathology.

Core Values

  • ​We are curious which drives our passion for science.
  • We are a diverse group of people and professions, we value everyone's engagement, and we celebrate achievement.
  • Sustainability is a foundation that brings us together.
  • We share knowledge.​
  • We value relevant, quality, and high impact science.​

Vision Statement

Healthy plants assure a sustainable future.

Strategic Goals

  • ​Goal A: Advancements in plant health science are accelerated through professional collaboration and data sharing.
  • Goal B: A growing workforce has the skills necessary to ensure sustainable plant health.
  • Goal​ C: Our science impacts decisions leading to a sustainable future.​

APS Value Statement

APS is a global community of individuals with a shared interest in plant health. Our diversity is represented in our international membership, professional interests, cultural and educational backgrounds, as well as diversity in age, racial, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and other social dimensions. This diversity ensures a wealth of perspectives and enhances the quality of our work and interactions. The locations and venues selected for our annual meeting must support this overall experience through state and local laws, policies, and practices.

APS Overview

Who Belongs to APS?​

Members, located in nearly 100 countries, represent a broad section of the scientific community. Members are employed in professional areas such as teaching, research, industry, government, and private consulting, and they may specialize as...

Agricultural Chemists
Cell Biologists

Extension Professionals
Greenhouse Growers
Group/Project Leaders
IPM Specialists
Molecular Biologists

Plant Breeders
Private Practitioners
Soil Scientists
Tech Advisors/Reps
Technical Managers

Advancing Plant Health Science

APS publishes journals​ on fundamental, applied, transdisciplinary, practical, and molecular aspects of phytopathology. APS also manages Grow: Plant Health Exchange, a freely available, online resource of timely, science-based information on plant health.  More than 300 APS PRESS titles on various plant science topics as well as slides and multimedia products provide hands-on tools and references for plant health research and management. New titles are released regularly and are available via the APS online store.

Supporting Plant Health Science

APS leadership works to create greater pub​​​lic awareness and understanding of plant health science, lobby for increased funding of plant health research, and provide needed support to students and researchers worldwide through our various committees. Learn more.​

Keeping the Plant Science Community Connected

APS offers members the opportunities to connect online and through a variety of events throughout the year. Read the APS News Capsule or Phytopathology News, and learn more about APS webinars, Plantopia podcastsAPS Annual Meeting​ and Divisions.

Professional Development Opportunities

APS provides members with several professional development resources to grow their knowledge and careers in plant pathology and leadership training. Members can publish manuscripts in our journals, or author an APS PRESS book in addition to presenting at annual or division meetings. The niche APS Job Center provides employers and job seekers with the best tools to find the perfect position. Learn more about APS a​wards and funding opportunities, leadership training​, ​and volunteer opportunities.​​

APS Commitments to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion​

APS Council members and the APS Committee for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion remain committed to identifying and exploring meaningful ways to confront racism more effectively within our scientific communities while providing support for our Black colleagues, students, and staff, as well as the communities and families they serve. Initiatives to address these commitments include the Black Lives Matter Task Force, the Lafayette Frederick Diversity in Mentoring Award, the Lafayette Frederick Diversity in Mentoring Fund.

Learn more about our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Stay Connected with APS

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