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APS OIP Global Experience Award: Get Funded for Your Globally Collaborative Ideas​

​​​Broadcast Date: ​​​October 9th, 2020 | 8:30 AM Central

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Webinar Summary

​The Office of International Programs' Global Experience Award aims to help APS plant pathologists work with scientists and extension personnel in developing countries in training and outreach efforts. Up to $4​,000 is provided as funding to any APS member to conduct short courses, workshops, or training programs in cooperating institutions. Not all APS members are aware of this funding opportunity and this webinar aims to fill this information gap. This webinar will be part of a series of webinars on international agriculture in the International Year of Plant Health​.​

This award has attracted relatively few applications and opens every February. The webinar will inform the APS community of this unique APS foundation-OIP funding opportunity to​:

  • ​Conduct outreach and training events in developing countries
  • Share the impact on individual careers and communities, well in advance to prepare new applications​

About the Presenters

Dr. Sally Mallowa (2015 awardee)​ is a cassava​ specialist, plant pathologist, educator, mentor, speaker locally and internationally, a science communication and outreach ambassador, and a champion for change around the issues of food security, gender, and education. She has served as an Early Career intern on APS PPB, as chair of the APS Committee for Diversity and Equality and is currently serving as board member in the APS - Office of International Programs. She was the recipient of the 2015 Global Experience Award for her proposal "Strengthening knowledge of cassava virus diseases: improving field diagnosis, and development of an undergraduate-level teaching resource on cassava brown streak disease in East Africa.” (Follow her on twitter @smallowa or Instagram @mallowa_sci)

Dr. Fulya Baysal-Gurel (2013 awardee) is an Assistant Professor at Tennessee State University (TSU), Otis L. Floyd Nursery Research Center. The primary research focus of her program is on the development of sustainable, environmental friendly and economical management practices for woody ornamental diseases. Fulya has been a member of APS since 2005 and has served as chair of the APS Diseases of Ornamentals Subject Matter Committee and she is serving as President-elect of the Southern Division of the APS; a member on the board of the Office of Public Relations and Outreach of the APS and the Office of International Programs (OIP) of the APS. In addition, she organized field tours at the 2017 APS annual meeting and 2018 ICPP meeting, one special session at 2018 ICPP meeting, a work-life balance Idea Café in 2015 and coordinated a 2016 Annual Meeting special session on Balancing Career and Family to help out APS community. She serves as senior editor of Plant Disease, associate editor of Phytopathology, editor of PhytoFrontiers™, section editor of PDMR editorial board which all are APS Journals. She led Plant Disease Diagnostic Workshop in Kyrgyzstan which was funded by the APS-OIP Global Experience Award in 2013.

Andres Sanabria-Velazquez (2019 awardee) is a Ph. D. student of Plant Pathology at North Carolina State University (NCSU) under the direction of Dr. H. David Shew. He received a BS. in Agronomy from National University of Asuncion-Paraguay (2013) and joined to the Paraguayan Institute of Agricultural Technologies where he focused on stevia diseases research. In 2016, he received a Fulbright Scholarship to pursue his Master degree in Plant Pathology at the Ohio State University (2018). After finishing his Master's degree, he joined Shew’s Lab to study more about stevia diseases focusing on epidemiology and disease management. In 2019, with funding provided by the OIP Global Experience Award, he conducted a workshop to provide hands-on experience in diagnostics and management of stevia diseases to Paraguayan farmers, researchers, extension agents, and students.

Dr. Shankar K. Shakya (2019 awardee) got his B.S in plant pathology from Nepal and then joined the Department of Plant Pathology at University of Florida in 2012 to pursue his M.S degree. After completion of his M.S under the guidance of Dr. Ariena van Bruggen and Dr. Erica Goss, he joined Nik Grunwald’s lab at USDA/Oregon State University to pursue a Ph.D. in the area of population genetics and bioinformatics. Dr. Shakya’s Ph.D. work focuses on understanding the evolution of effector genes in Phytophthora species and global distribution of pathogen Phytophthora cinnamomi. Dr. Shakya is currently working as a bioinformatics associate scientist at Ball Horticultural Company in Greater Chicago area.

Mr. Subodh Khanal (2019 awardee) got his MS in conservation ecology from Tribhuwan University of Nepal. He is assistant professor in Department of Soil and Environmental Science, Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Tribhuwan University since 2014. In 2013-2014, he worked as senior research officer in Institute of Social and Environmental Research-Nepal and led the mapping of Mikania micrantha in Western Chitwan including Chitwan National Park in collaboration with Arizona State University, USA. Currently, he is involved in screening of phytochemcials for plant protection. Besides research and teaching, Subodh has been involved in numerous workshops on data analysis and agroecology at regional and national level. Subodh is always looking for international collaborations in areas of agroecology, plant protection, and data analysis.