​​​Plant Health 2021 Online Meeting FAQ​

  • General Questions

    What are the dates of the meeting?

    Plant Health 2021 Online will take place August 2-6.

  • Registration Questions

    When will registration open for Plant Health 2021 Online?

    Registration will open in May 2021. Rates and other important registration information will be posted to the registration page as things are finalized.

    What is the cancellation/refund policy for Plant Health 2021 Online?

    Cancellations MUST be made in writing and received by APS no later than July 9, 2021. Cancellations received by this date are subject to $50 processing fee. Registration cancellations received after July 9, 2021 are NOT subject to a refund. You may transfer your registration to another member of your organization.

    During registration, all registrants must agree to the terms and conditions set forth in APS's Privacy Policy. Read the full terms and conditions here.

    What are the costs of a virtual meeting?

    With advanced registration for Plant Health 2021 Online open this month, you may have wondered where your registration fee goes. While going online makes scientific meetings far more accessible to a worldwide audience, counterintuitively, it does not make meetings less expensive to produce. In our dedication to delivering quality content at the best price possible, APS is providing a peek at our books to show the various costs associated with the production of a virtual meeting.​

    Software Licensing Fees
    Event platforms require licensing fees based on attendee capacity and meeting length. Licensed Plant Health 2021 platforms include the professional version of Zoom used for meeting sessions; the technical abstract, programming, and event experience mobile and web app; the Kubify Research-on-Demand platform; and a new social interaction platform, Wonder, which will be used to enhance the interactivity and quality of this year’s networking events.
    Online Event Management Hours
    The additional technological needs of a virtual meeting often require more staff time than an in-person meeting; this ensures attendees, presenters, and sponsors all get the most out of their virtual experience. Tasks applicable to virtual meetings include:
    ·       Creation and testing of the online platform
    ·       Construction of toolkits and resource materials for speakers, moderators, sponsors, and attendees
    ·       Coordination of schedules with presenters and AV technicians
    ·       Rehearsals and training for conducting sessions online
    ·       Conversion of live content to on-demand recordings
    Live Support During the Meeting
    Novel technology requires novel support. To ensure attendee experiences are as smooth as possible, each of our 26 live Keynotes, Plenaries, POD Talks, and Special Sessions is preceded by a rehearsal session to familiarize presenters with the virtual tools, some of which they may never have worked with. All rehearsal and live sessions are attended by a member of APS staff and a hired AV technician. The staff member assists and guides the moderator experience and addresses issues or questions related to the meeting content. The AV technician assists with recording each session and addresses technical questions or challenges. Most people would be surprised to learn that every hour of live content requires four hours of live support.
    Ensuring Accessibility for Attendees
    Just as with in-person meetings, APS strives to ensure that our virtual Plant Health meetings are accessible to users with a variety of needs. One example of the work we undertake in this arena is ensuring our online meeting is ADA compliant. APS hires professional live captioners to attend our sessions and provide real-time closed captioning. We also pay captioning professionals to review and provide quality assurance for the closed captioning to ensure the accuracy of on-demand recordings.
    Universal Meeting Costs
    In addition to virtual-specific costs, there are also costs that are incurred while developing a meeting, regardless of whether the format is virtual or in person. These standard meeting costs include:
    ·       Mobile app development and licensing
    ·       Marketing
    ·       Graphics
    ·       Registration processing
    ·       Credit card fees
    ·       Abstract software and processing
    ·       Speaker fees
    How Does a Virtual Meeting Save Costs?
    A virtual meeting does save costs for APS related to the physical venue—and it saves travel and lodging costs for our attendees. Cost savings related to holding an event online instead of in person include those related to space rental, poster board set-up, event signage, AV set-up, food and beverage, and staff travel and lodging. Some of these costs are offset, however, by their “virtual venue” equivalent, such as Zoom and the online event platform.
    Sustainability of the Free Registration Model
    The previous virtual meeting, Plant Health 2020, had a complimentary “Basic” tier, which provided limited access to content, such as Plenary Sessions and Exhibits. Last year, APS created this tier while pivoting rapidly from an in-person to online event and ensuring that all of our members and supporters could attend during an incredibly challenging time personally and professionally. This year, APS has had a great deal more time to plan our virtual event. We also received feedback in our postmeeting survey that the Basic tier did not provide members with the level of content that they desired as an attendee. Plant Health 2021 promises to provide a more interactive experience with platforms that optimize the online event experience. Given all of the previously mentioned costs associated with an online event experience, a free, limited registration option was not viable this year.
    As a scientific organization, the value of APS is defined by the hard work of its members—much of which is presented at meetings like Plant Health 2021. Registration fees ensure that this work is showcased in a professional manner and engenders greater enrollment by attendees by communicating the value of the content.
    APS continues to be diligent in providing our attendees with the best value at the lowest price possible. We hope you’ll be able to log in with us at Plant Health 2021, and we hope to meet many of you in person in 2022!

  • Program/Presenter Questions

    When will I know if my submitted abstract has been accepted?

    The deadline to submit an abstract for Plant Health 2021 Online is April 15, 2021. After that date, all completed submissions will be reviewed by the Annual​ Meeting Board, with notifications going out to authors around mid-to-late May.

    Do I need to be registered for the meeting to present my abstract?

    Yes. All presenters (both oral and Research On Demand) MUST register in order to present their accepted abstract. The abstract presenter registration deadline is June 29, 2021. Failure to register by this date will result in the abstract being withdrawn from meeting.

    How will posters look in the virtual event?

    ePosters have been replaced with Research On Demand for the 2021 virtual meeting. Authors and registered attendees will have the opportunity to interact with each other directly through the Kubify platform. More information on Research On Demand (Kubify platform, formatting options, and upload instructions) will come directly from APS Headquarters via email and published on the meeting website.

    NEW for 2021! APS plans to offer virtual training for all Research On Demand authors and registered attendees on the Kubify platform - how to access the platform, how to build your stac​k, how to view author research during the meeting, interaction best practices between authors and attendees, etc. Stay tuned for more information!

  • Technology Questions

    How will I access the virtual meeting?

    APS is working hard to develop our new meeting platform and more information will be shared with registrants in the coming months. All registrants will get access to the meeting platform in advance of August 2 to get familiar with the platform, view and add sessions to your schedule, build out your attendee profile, etc.

    What video conferencing software will the LIVE meeting content be delivered through?

    Through our new meeting platform, attendees will access the LIVE meeting content through Zoom. Zoom can be easily accessed on computers/laptops, smartphones, and tablets/iPads. Learn more about Zoom.

    Important Note:
    If your organization blocks Zoom, APS recommends using a personal computer, phone, or tablet to view LIVE content from a network that is not connected to your workplace.

    Will any LIVE meeting content be recorded to watch at a later time?

    Yes, all LIVE meeting content (except networking events) will be recorded. All registrants will be able to watch recorded sessions On Demand through the meeting platform at a time that better suits their needs.

    Will there be a mobile app?

    Yes! Our new meeting platform has both desktop and mobile functionality that all registrants will have access through. More information on our meeting platform will be shared with all registrants in the coming months.

Do you have a question about the virtual meeting we haven't addressed above?

Contact APS with your inquiry.​