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Talking Science: How to Have Productive Conversations on Difficult Topics: Research, market, and farmer perspectives on pesticides in East Africa

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​​​Webinar Summary​

The rapidly changing public and media perception and awareness of chemical usage on food products urge plant pathologists and other professionals associated with the food industry to improve our collective ability to communicate the impact of our science to the public. Therefore, in this webinar series, research, marketing, and communication professionals will provide their expertise and experience and help the APS community to bridge the communication gap between scientists and the general public. While the first part of this webinar series focused on the communication of pesticides in the United States, this second part focuses on the communication of pesticides to stakeholders in the agricultural industry of East African countries. The speakers are from different countries and will present three unique experiences relating to the communication of pesticides internationally.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to effectively communicate the benefits over the risks on the use of pesticides
  • Understand the differences about pesticide usage and public perception in different parts of the world
  • Understand research aspects of chemicals use in food chains.
  • Compare and contrast US and international issues relating to the communication of pesticides to the public and relevant stakeholders in agricultural industries. 

Sponsored by:


Kenneth Monjero
Fun and Education Global Network and Alliance for Science Fellow

Alfred Namaasa
Mbale District Local Government and Alliance for science fellow

Peter Wamboga-Mugirya
The Science Foundation for Livelihoods and Development (SCIFODE),