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Private Sector Relations​

Industry.pngThe APS Office of Private Sector Relations (OPSR) optimizes industry interactions within APS and strengthens advocacy for science-based public policy.

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Private Sector and Government Institutions Tour

This event is open to graduate students and post-docs who are interested in understanding how organizations in the private sector operate and what types of career opportunities may be available. The tour will also include a stop at a government facility to gain perspectives on opportunities in the government sector. The next tour is expected in 2020.

Plant Pathology Experiential Awards

In collaboration with the APS Foundation, OPSR also offers two experiential awards, one in support of an individual’s short-term learning experience with a non-academic institution and one in support of a department’s on-site visit to one or multiple non-academic organizations in order to enhance awareness of business operations and potential career opportunities. Applications are accepted yearly for the Plant Pathology Experiential Award through the APS Foundation. Here is a video about LSU's experience:

 2015 Departmental Awardees — Louisiana State University