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​Office of Private Sector Relations​ (OPSR)

Industry.pngThe APS Office of Private Sector Relations (OPSR) optimizes industry interactions within APS and strengthens advocacy for science-based public policy. OPSR serves as a board within APS,  to increase industry and government voices within the organization reaching members, students and postdocs interested in careers and experiences with these segments. ​

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OPSR Private Sector and Government Institutions Tour

The Private Sector and Government Institutions Tour happens once every three years. This tour is open to graduate students and post-docs who are interested in understanding how organizations in the private sector and government operate, and the types of career opportunities that are available. The next 3-day tour will be in 2025​. 

OPSR Plant Pathology Experiential Grants (with support from APS Foundation)​

In collaboration with the APS Foundation, OPSR offers two experiential grants: individual and department​al. 

  • $1,000 travel grant is available each year to an individual APS member who is a graduate student or post-doctorate. The travel grant supports a short-term experience with a government or private organization to subsidize travel to the host organization​. ​

  • $4,000 travel grant is available every two years to departments for funding in support of an on-site visit to one or multiple non-academic organizations. Next available in FY2026.

​Previous Grant Recipients

  • 2024: Megan Buland, University of Kentucky

  • 2024: Louisiana State University, Department of Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology (PPCP)

  • 2023: Mychele Batista da Silva, Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station (Individual)

  • 2022: University of Kentucky​​, Association of Plant Pathology Scholars

  • 2019: Annakay Diana Newell

  • ​2018: Shankar Shakya

  • 2017: Mihir Mandal

  • 2017: University of Georgia, Plant Pathology Department

  • 2015: Louisiana State University, PPCP GSA Department

  • 2015: Jade Florence

Learn about Louisiana State University's 2015 experience in this video:​

 2015 Departmental Awardees — Louisiana State University