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E.A.G.L.E Camp for Junior and Senior High School Students | OPRO Meets the Auburn University F.S. Arant Entomology and Plant Pathology Club​

Junior high school st​udents demonstrating
spore dispersal using colore​d bubbles.

Science outreach activity: E.A.G.L.E. (Exploring Agriculture and Gaining Leadership Experience) Camp for junior and senior high school students.

Type of event: Classroom activity and booth.

Intended audience: K-12 students.

Description of the activity: The E.A.G.L.E. Camp was hosted by the club to instill interest for plant pathology in junior and senior high school students through exciting activities. Camp activities include the display of diseased plants and the observation of plant pathogens under a microscope. Through this activity students learn that plants get sick too, the disease cycle is explained, and spore dispersal is demonstrated using colored bubbles. Senior high school students also learn the basics of plant pathology and what plant pathologists do and take a Kahoot quiz and the Which Plant Disease Are You? personality test.

Senior high school students taking the W​​hich Plant Disease Are You? personality test.​​

Participants of the Junior E.A.G.L.E. Camp held at Auburn University.​

Materials needed for this activity:

  • Which Plant Disease Are You? game from the APS OPRO website.
  • Microscopes.
  • Bubbles.
  • Supplies for coloring.
  • Printed leaves for coloring.
  • Diseased plants.

All other materials used are available upon request from Oluwakemisola Olofintila.

How will you modify or improve future offerings? A smaller venue will be used in the future. There were four different booths, and the movement from one booth to another took a significant amount of time due to the large size of the field used.

How many times has this activity been hosted? The activity has been hosted twice.

In total, how many participants have been in attendance? 40 people.

How was the impact of this outreach activity evaluated? Quizzes were given at the end of the activities, including individual quizzes for junior high school students and Kahoot quizzes for senior high school students. All students earned scores higher than 70%.

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