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Seed Pathology Fundamentals: Regional​ to Global Implications

Course Description

This introductory course consists of 12 modules (each approximately 1.5 hours), providing a high-level perspective on seeds and seed pathology, including knowledge needed to address rapid technological advances, phytosanitary concerns, and the evolution of seed trade policies. See below for a detailed list of topics, learning objectives, and presenters. ​

Format: This course is on-demand, so you can register at any time and complete the course at your own pace. ​

Note: This course ​will be the first in a series of seed pathology courses offered through APS to address the global demand for seed pathology education and training, so stay tuned!​​

Is this Course Right for Me?

Yes! This course is designed for anyone in any related field and at any stage of their career who is looking for an introduction to seed pathology. 

We will explore how seed pathology has local, regional, and global implications for

  • NPPOs and other regulatory agencies
  • State Departments: Agriculture, USDA, and other federal agencies
  • Academics & Researchers
  • Industry
  • Seed testing companies

Additional Resources:

  • Each module contains recommended resources so you can explore the topics in more depth.
  • Participants have access to a private discussion forum on the APS Community. You are encouraged to share resources and discuss course topics.
  • ​Participants who complete the course will receive a completion certificate.​

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Meet the Organizers

​Ric Dunkle
​American Seed Trade Association

Lindsey du Toit
Washington State University
APS & ISPP Seed Pathology Committees

Gerbert Hiddink
Enza Zaden, The Netherlands
APS & ISPP Seed Pathology Committees​

Gary Munkvold
Iowa State University
APS & ISPP Seed Pathology Committees​

Course Topics, Learning Objectives, and Presenters

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