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The American Phytopathological Society, APS PRESS is a recognized leader in plant pathology publications. Under the supervision of the APS PRESS Editorial Board, the PRESS accepts for publication books, electronic projects, and audiovisual materials pertaining to diseases of plants and other related areas of plant science.​

APS PRESS is a full-service publishing house. In addition to electronic products, the PRESS produces all types of books, from low-cost camera-ready publications to edited and typeset, hardbound texts. In so doing, the PRESS provides top-quality, full-color reproduction and specialized papers and bindings, as required.

Given its roots in plant pathology, the PRESS offers a wide range of benefits, many of them unique, to its authors, volume editors, and contributors.

Benefits to Authors and Volume Editors

  • Association with a recognized publisher dedicated to the science of plant pathology
  • Peer review provided by expert plant pathologists from among the APS membership
  • Collaboration throughout the publication process with professional plant science colleagues serving as APS PRESS Senior Editors
  • Recognition within APS, within the discipline of plant pathology, and within the broader field of plant science
  • An election for either competitive royalties or reduced book-selling prices at the author's or volume editor's option—except for compendia or other series or volumes generated by APS or its committees
  • High-quality published editions appropriate to the publication's intended audience, purpose, and price
  • Dissemination of your work to readers and libraries worldwide, through announcements in the international journals Phytopathology,Plant Disease, and Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions and through international distribution of the APS PRESS publications catalog
  • Liberal policies regarding the release of translation rights for the publication of non-English editions by plant pathology societies and publishers outside the United States


Prior to final acceptance for publication, books and other products published by APS PRESS must undergo a two-stage evaluation: 1) an evaluation of a formal Publication Proposal submitted by the author or volume editor, usually before the manuscript or product is completed, and 2) a review of the completed manuscript or project upon submission.

Publication Proposal

Authors and volume editors seeking publication with APS PRESS must first submit a Publication Proposal for consideration by the Editorial Board. It is important that the Publication Proposal define the proposed manuscript or project both specifically and completely. On the basis of the information provided, the Editorial Board will evaluate the proposal and determine whether or not APS PRESS will publish the manuscript or project, subject to formal review once submitted.

Complete Publication Proposals must include the following items, together with any other supporting material:

  2. A detailed outline
  3. Sample chapters, if available
  4. A one- or two-page curriculum vitae for each principal author or volume editor

The completed Proposal should be sent to at the APS PRESS Editorial Office, where it will be duplicated and distributed to the members of the Editorial Board.

Manuscript Preparation

Once the Editorial Board has accepted a given project or manuscript, a Publication Agreement will be drawn up and sent to the author or volume editor for approval. The Publication Agreement will contain much of the information provided by the author or volume editor in the Publication Proposal and will act as a reference in determining whether the completed manuscript or project is acceptable at the review stage.

At this time, one of the members of the Editorial Board will be assigned as Senior Editor for the project. During the preparation period, the Senior Editor will serve as the APS PRESS liaison with the author or volume editor, providing information and assistance. When completed, the manuscript or project will be submitted to the Senior Editor, who will be responsible for supervising the review.

Manuscript Review

For final acceptance, the completed manuscript or project must successfully undergo a formal review by two reviewers selected by APS PRESS. Reviewers are responsible for evaluating the manuscript or project from two primary perspectives: 1) that the final manuscript or project is consistent with the author's or volume editor's original Publication Proposal, as accepted by APS PRESS and written in the Publication Agreement, and 2) that the manuscript or project is scientifically accurate. Also, during the review, the manuscript or project will be evaluated to determine that it has been prepared in an acceptable editorial style and according to instructions provided by APS PRESS​.

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