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​​​Outstanding Volunteer Award​

​​​The APS Outstanding Volunteer Award​ recognizes APS ​members for excellent service in ​furthering the mission of APS through their volunteer efforts. It's time for you to tell us who these individuals are so APS can show them our appreciation. Don't let them go unnoticed! ​

Call for Nominations​

Nominees are required to be ​APS members​ who are currently active in volunteering within APS. Current APS Council, Editors-in-Chief, and senior editors are not eligible for this award while they are actively serving in these roles. 

​How to Nominate

Nominating letter to include a description of the APS member's most recent volunteer activities (within the last five years) and how the nominee excelled in the quality, timeliness, and/or scope of these activities. Other examples include recognizing your "go-to" volunteers or those who have the most creative approach to problem-solving. 

Send your one-page nomination letter to APS on or before May 1, 2024.​

Review Committee​

Nominations will be reviewed and awardee(s) selected ​by the Councilors-at Large​.​ Awardees will be recognized at the APS annual meeting and in a future Phytopathology News.

Outstanding Volunteer Awardees​​​

  • 2023:​ Sally Mallowa and Stella Coakley
  • 2022: Matt Kasson and Rebecca Melanson​
  • 2021: Olufemi Alabi​ and Nicole Gauthier
  • 2020: David Gadoury​
  • 2019: J.P.​ Dundore-Arias​
  • 2018: Christopher M. Wallis
  • 2017: Da​​rin Eastburn and Renee Rioux
  • 2016: Monica Elliott and Thomas Mitchell
  • 2015: Maya C. Hayslett and Anissa M. Poleatewich
  • 2013: Scott Adkins
  • 2012: Gary Peterson
  • 2010: Michelle Moyer and Dija Selimi
  • 2007: Dick Stuckey
  • 2006: Scott Gold and Gretchen Kuldau
  • 2005: Joyce Loper and Don White