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​​How to Write a Graduate Student SARE Grant

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Live Q&A: December 15, 2020


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Graduate Student Grant program coordinators from SARE's four regions have recorded a general overview of SARE's mission and vision, and general tips for preparing a competitive proposal. After viewing the recorded overview, register and join a live​ Q&A session for your specific region to discuss core sections of that region's call for proposals and go over the SARE online submission process and review process.

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​Grant Writing

Grant writing is a critical educational component for researchers and leaders in the agricultural sector. The ability to identify research and educational objectives and procedures, and to plan and justify a budget has a long-lasting impact in any professional career. Graduate school is the perfect setting for acquiring these skills, when students are engaged in their own research under the guidance of an academic advisor. In addition, SARE encourages interaction with producers, the end-users of their research, an experience not always available within graduate programs.

About SARE

The USDA's Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) advocates for the advancement of sustainable agriculture in the four regions of the U.S. by funding innovative research and education programs.  The Graduate Student grant program calls graduate students enrolled in accredited universities of the U.S. to submit proposals addressing stakeholder identified needs in sustainable agriculture. Projects must integrate rigorous research and education aiming to advance the three components of sustainable agriculture- environmental, economic, and social. SARE Graduate Student grants invest in a new generation of scientists and give new investigators experience managing grants.​

Live Q&A Sessions by Region

Broadcast December 15, 2020 | Available On-Demand

Northeast:       8:00 am Central           Watch Northeast Section Q&A 

Southern:        9:30 am Central          Watch Southern Section Q&A

North Central: 11:00 am Central         Watch No​rth C​entral Section Q&A

Western:         2:00 pm Central          Watch Western Section Q&A