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Rapid, Simple Diagnostic Method for Insect-Transmitted Plant Pathogen and Insect Identification

Karolina Pusz-Bochenska will be presenting the research behind a rapid, simple laboratory and field-adaptable DNA extraction method that she and her colleagues developed. This new method allowed them to identify both plant pathogen and insect vector through molecular barcoding and gene sequencing and reduced the time from collection of insects to a positive identification of a pathogen from up to two weeks to less than one hour. After her presentation, Karolina will answer questions about the research and the method. 

This method and the research behind it were published in Plant Health Progress. This article was the most downloaded in the journal in 2020, and Karolina won the Best Student Paper Award in Plant Health Progress for 2020. Read the article.​


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 Karolina Pusz-Bochenska
University of Saskatchewan

​​Originally from Warsaw, Poland, Karolina Pusz-Bochenska graduated from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and had the opportunities to pursue additional studies in the United Kingdom and Hungary. Pusz-Bochenska is currently working in Canada, where she is a doctoral student in the Department of Biology at the University of Saskatchewan. She is also affiliated with Agri-Food Canada, where most of her research experiments are carried out under the supervision of Dr. Tyler Wist and Professor J. Gray.