​​​​​​​Plant Health 2024 is a must-attend meeting for those looking to stay at the forefront of plant health advancements. Our attendees collaborate on vital agricultural, food safety, and food security issues. ​​


​Trailblazing Experts

Learn from a lineup of distinguished speakers and industry thought leaders who are at the forefront of their science. These experts bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and innovative ideas to the table. Take in a keynote address, panel discussions, and specialized sessions, that can shape your future approach to research and strategy.​​​


​Valuable Connections

Plant Health 2024 is the ideal platform to forge impactful relationships within the plant science community. Attendees come from diverse backgrounds, representing various sectors of the industry. Networking events, collaborative sessions, and informal gatherings provide ample opportunities to connect with peers, establish partnerships, and gain diverse perspectives.


​Latest Advancements

Immerse yourself in groundbreaking research and advancements in plant health technology. Gain firsthand exposure to the latest advances by exploring novel diagnostic tools, innovative pest management techniques, and advances in genetic engineering. Engaging with these advancements ensures staying updated while offering inspiration and practical avenues for integrating cutting-edge technologies into your work.


​Immersive Experience

Engage with content and presenters through dynamic sessions designed to offer interactive forums that encourage participation, discussion, and real-world applications. Through case studies and hands-on demonstrations, you will get a chance to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios. This immersive approach ensures that the insights are not just theoretical but also applicable to real-world challenges.

Gain Buy-in to Attend

Bring Value to Your Employer

At the American Phytopathological Society, we understand the importance of not just attending meetings but gaining tangible benefits for both personal and professional growth.​​ Plant Health 2024 is a strategic investment in professional development, ensuring attendees return with insights, skills, and connections that will significantly benefit their organization's initiatives and overall success.


Immerse yourself in cutting-edge research presentations, expert speaker sessions, and research from over 7​00 technical abstracts showcasing the latest advancements in plant health.​​​​​


Sharpen your skills, acquire new tools, and develop a deeper understanding of plant health during hands-on workshops, hot topic roundtables, and engaging sessions led by more than 60 experts.



Connect with more than​ 1,100 dedicated scientists during over 20 hours of available networking time. Engage in conversations, build relationships, and explore potential collaborations that extend beyond the meeting.​


Plant Health 2024 is your unique opportunity to stay at the forefront of advancements, gain insights to revolutionize your approach to plant health challenges, and contribute to the success of new projects and initiatives.​​

Talk to Your Employer!

Your attendance can improve your professional skills! Use this template to encourage your employer to support your attendance. Be sure to update the template with details specific to your interests.​​

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