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This award recognizes APS members for research excellence in molecular plant pathology. Nominees will have made outstanding contributions and demonstrated sustained excellence and leadership in research that significantly advances the understanding of molecular aspects of host–pathogen interactions, plant pathogens or plant-associated microbes, or molecular biology of disease development or defense mechanisms. Recipients of the Noel T. Keen Award for 2017 will receive recognition at the annual meeting awards ceremony and an award plaque.

Note: Fellows are not eligible to be nominated for excellence awards except when the new nominations are for accomplishments different from that on which the Fellow nomination was based, and the new accomplishment has occurred after recognition as a Fellow.

2003 A. Collmer
2004 B. Staskawicz
2005 T. Wolpert
2007 P. de Wit
2008 B. Tyler
2009 A. F. Bent 
2010 G. B. Martin
2011 D. F. Klessig
2012 V. Citovsky
2013 S. Kamoun
2014 P. Kachroo
2015 T. J. Baum
2016 A. J. Bogdanove
2017 M. B. Dickman
2018 Barbara S. Valent
2019 Savithramma "Dinesh" Dinesh-Kumar​