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Noel T. Keen​ Award

This award recognizes APS members for research excellence in molecular plant pathology. 

Nominees will have made outstanding contributions and demonstrated sustained excellence and leadership in research that significantly advances the understanding of molecular aspects of host–pathogen interactions, plant pathogens or plant-associated microbes, or molecular biology of disease development or defense mechanisms. ​

The Noel T. Keen is presented in even years and nominations stand only during the year being considered​. Nominations for the 2026 award will be accepted from September - December 1, 2025.

View Guidelines and Submit Nomination​​​​​​​


​2024 W. Gassmann
2022​ G. Coaker​
​2020 S-W Ding
2019 S. Dinesh-Kumar​
2018 B. S. Valent
2017 M. B. Dickman
2016 A. J. Bogdanove
2015 T. J. Baum
2003 A. Collmer
2004 B. Staskawicz
2005 T. Wolpert
2007 P. de Wit
​2009 A. F. Bent 
2010 G. B. Martin
2011 D. F. Klessig
2012 V. Citovsky
2013 S. Kamoun
2014 P. Kachroo

*Please note that all bios linked from this page were published at the time of the received award and may not be current​​​.