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​​International Travel Award

LeafGlobeSmall.pngThe APS Office of International Programs (OIP), in cooperation with the APS Foundation, offers this award to support early- and mid-career APS members native to and working in developing countries who otherwise would not be able to participate in an APS Annual Meeting.

Applicants must be APS members with no more than 15 years of professional experience who currently hold a post-graduate position at an established institution located outside of the United States. Graduate students and post-doctoral fellows will not be funded. Preference will be given to scientists in developing countries.

Each applicant may receive only one award. If the awardee is unable to attend the APS Annual Meeting, they are required to return the funds to APS.​

Letter of Intent

A letter of intent, written by the applicant and no more than two pages, must demonstrate the applicant's involvement in national or international activities related to plant pathology, describe how attending the APS Annual Meeting will positively impact the applicants work, and describe the circumstances that make attending the APS Annual Meeting solely dependent on receiving this award. Applicants with other significant support will not be considered. Applicants must also indicate how she/he will obtain a visa to visit the United States.

Abstract / Presentation

Applications must include a copy of an abstract of original research pertaining to plant pathology. If awarded, applicants must present this research as an oral or poster presentation at the virtual APS Annual Meeting.

Curriculum Vitae

A current version of the applicant's curriculum vitae, no longer than three pages, must be included in the application.


Travel awards are intended solely for costs associated with travel, lodging, and registration to attend the APS Annual Meeting. Applicants must supply a detailed travel budget, including other sources of funds. 

Letter of Support

Applications must include a one-page letter of support written by an APS member addressing the applicant's scientific merit, accomplishments in plant pathology, and financial need. The letter writer should also be planning to attend the APS meeting and be willing to assist with hosting the applicant.

Applications are accepted from March 1 to April 15 of each year. All of the above required materials must be included in one PDF document and submitted through the Award Application Form by April 15 of each year. Letters of recommendation may be submitted separately by the letter writer using the Letter of Recommendation Form.​

A Travel Award Committee appointed by the APS Foundation and the OIP will review applications.

This fund, established in 2001 by the Office of International Programs​ (OIP), supports travel costs for early- to mid-career APS members native to and working in developing countries who otherwise would not be able to participate in an annual meeting. This award is intended to support scientists holding post-graduate positions in their respective country. 

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April 15 or each year

Up to three awards​