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​​Giving Creates Possibilities​

General Donations

The APS Foundation has a variety of established funds where donors can direct their contributions. Not sure where to give? Consider directing your fund to the general APS Endowment for future initiatives. Your contribution is tax deductible if you are a U.S. citizen and itemize. ​

Give Today

Your donations will create opportunities for:

  • Future leaders of APS―graduate students and early-career plant pathologists―to become actively involved and engaged in the society through participation in our annual meetings;
  • Member involvement in APS priorities, such as engagement of underrepresented minorities in plant pathology​, mentoring, innovative teaching, and international programs;
  • APS members to connect throughout the discipline and enhance their professional experience. 

Donate Today

 Planned Giving

Establish a Fund​

The APS Foundation is always interested in working with you to establish new funds for focused initiatives. Contact the APS Foundation Chair to discuss your ideas or to find out about the new opportunities the Foundation is focusing on. You could also designate your donation to be used to establish a new Student Travel Fund. Please review Student Travel Fund guid​elines and requirements for establishment. 


Contributions accumulate over time and donor status cha​nges when a higher honorary level is reached. Contributors are recognized in Phytopathology News​ and on the APS Foundation Contributor page. ​

​Contributor Club​$1-99
​Century Club​$100-249
​Patron Club​$250-499
​Five Hundred Club​$500-999
​Millennium Club​$1,000-2,499
​President's Club​$2,500-4,999
​Five K Club​$5,000-9,999
​Executive Club​$10,000-19,999
​Platinum Club​$20,000-49,999
​Legacy Club​$50,000+