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​Excellence in Teaching Award​

The Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes an APS member for excellence in teaching plant pathology. Preference will be given to active teachers with responsibility for one or more courses in plant pathology. The major criterion will be formal (classroom) teaching proficiency, as indicated by the development and effectiveness of courses taught. Indicators of pedagogical research and other activities supportive of teaching should be described in the nomination materials. Other supporting material should include a brief description of courses taught and indicators, including students’ opinions, of teaching effectiveness. Recipients receive an award ​and honorarium​ made possible by the Lucy Hastings de Gutiérrez Fund established in the APS Foundation by Lucy’s family and friends.

Fellows are not eligible to be nominated for excellence awards except when the new nominations are for accomplishments different from that on which the Fellow nomination was based, and the new accomplishment has occurred after recognition as a Fellow.

Nomination Guidelines​


2024 Robert "Lou" Hirsch​

2023 JP Dundore-Arias​

2022​ Leonor F. S. Leandro​​

2021 M. Jiménez-Gasco​

2020 M. Cubeta

2019 B. Arenz​

2018 K. L. Stevenson

2017 B. S. Richter

2016 F. W. Nutter

2015 M.G. Milgroom and E.B. Nelson

2014 J.A. Verreet

2013 C. F. Gonzalez

2012 W. W. Bockus

2011 L. M. Carris

2010 S. E. Gold

2009 H. David Shew

2008 M. Boehm 

2007 P. Vincelli

2006 C. D'Arcy

2005 C. Allen

2004 K.-B. G. Scholthof

2002 L. F. Grand

2001 W. F. Zettler

2000 G. R. Stanosz

1998 J. MacDonald

1997 C. W. Mims

1996 D. White

1995 E. J. Braun

1994​ A. B. A. M. Baudoin

1993 G. L. Schumann

1992 W. Merrill, Jr.

1992 G. W. Hudler

1990 L. Frederick

1989 H. S. McNabb, Jr.

​*Please note that all bios linked from this page were published at the time of the received award and may not be current​.​