​​Opening Keynote  •  Sunday, July 28

Dr. Charity Dean

Dr. Charity Dean is the CEO, Founder, and Chairman of PHC Global, a Silicon Valley start-up. With 24 years of experience in public health, she founded PHC Global in August 2020 to leverage AI & ML innovations for a global biosecurity platform. Two years later, PHC PharosTM revolutionized risk management for businesses worldwide. Previously, Dr. Dean played a key role in California's COVID-19 response as Assistant Director for the Department of Public Health, co-founding the Testing Task Force. She served as Acting State Public Health Officer and Public Health Officer for Santa Barbara County, earning accolades like Physician of the Year in 2018 and Women of the Year by the California State Legislature. Dr. Dean holds a Doctor of Medicine and Master of Public Health from Tulane University and a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from Oregon State University.​​​