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​APS Caregiver Travel Award​​

Purpose of Award

The APS Family and Caregiver Support Committee will provide up to two travel awards ($500 each) to support travel to Plant Health 2022 for APS members that are either caregivers or require Personal Assistance Services to cover the additional costs associated with travel. For the purpose of this award, a caregiver will be defined as an APS member who provides primary care for an individual who is unable to solely care for themselves (e.g. a young or disabled child, a sick, injured or elderly partner, spouse or relative).  Personal Assistance Services (PAS) are defined by the US Department of Labor Office of Disability Employment Policy ​and could include traveling with a PAS for assistance with mobility issue, visual impairment, or sign language interpreter.  

Criteria and Approved Usage of Funds

Applicants are required to be APS members and to declare that they will use the funds for the approved travel expenses. Award preference will be given to individuals who are attending the APS meeting for the first time, who are presenting/have mentees presenting (oral given preference over poster), are volunteering within the APS meeting, and are earlier in their career. The top applicants will be entered into a drawing for the award wh​ere two names will be selected to receive the travel award.

The award may be used for any caregiving/PAS costs that the applicant would not normally incur during their workday, such as the cost (airfare, hotel, meals) to travel with a child/caregiver or PAS or after-hours at-home care, or cost of breast-milk transport services.​

Submit Your Application

  • All applicants must be current APS members and meet the above definition of a caregiver or a person using PAS. ​
  • Submissions to be sent via the online application form.
  • Application deadline is June 10, 2022
  • Recipients will be notified in late June of results.
  • Travel Grant awardees will be asked to submit anonymous survey about their award experience that will be used to help improve the award process and to promote future travel awards.

Submit Application

An online application​ form will be made available in May.

Thank You Sponsors!

​This travel award opportunity is provided in support by APS Council and Bayer.​​​