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Award Guidelines and Nomination Instructions​

​Honor a colleague by submitting a nomination for one of the following major APS awards. Review the guidelines and general instructions and submit your 2021 award nomination by December 1


  • Fellows are not eligible to be nominated for excellence awards except when the new nominations are for accomplishments different from that on which the Fellow nomination was based, and the new accomplishment has occurred after recognition as a Fellow. A period of 5 years should elapse between recognition as a Fellow and nomination for an award of excellence. The nomination of a Fellow for an award of excellence must specify how the contributions in the current nomination differ from those on which the original Fellow award was based.
  • All nominations for named awards are considered for 3 years with the exception of the Lee M. Hutchins and Hewitt Awards which stand for only 1 year. If a nomination is not successful in the first year, the nominator is encouraged to update and resend a complete nomination package.
  • Beginning in 2020, the Noel T. Keen award is presented every other year (next year awarded: 2022).
  • Updated nominations should be modified to meet revised guidelines and submitted as one complete nomination package using the same submission process as a new nomination: Three (3) years between the last year of consideration and submitting a​ re-nomination​ is recommended.
  • The Awards and Honors Committee may decide not to make a named award in years without suitable nominations.
  • Deceased members are not eligible for any APS award if they died before nomination.

General Instructions

Each member of the society may nominate one candidate a year for each of the above awards. Nominations should address the activities most relevant to the award, with a clear statement of the impact the nominee has had in his/her specific area of expertise. 

The nomination packet must include the following supporting material:

  1. Nomination Form is a writeable .pdf. Access nominations form to open; complete the form, save to your computer and then merge with your nomination .pdf file for uploading.  
    ACCESS NOMINATIONS FORM  (to be included as first page of nominations package)
  2. A cover letter with the candidate’s name and the award for which the nomination is made. The letter (not to exceed one page) may provide additional insight into the significance of the contributions that is not given in the nomination statement or form. Multiple letters of support should not be provided for a candidate’s nomination. Electronic signatures are accepted.
  3. A nomination statement not to exceed 1,000 words that highlights the contributions of the candidate and includes the candidate’s name, place of birth, and institutions, with degrees and years granted, as well as current position. The statement should be focused and succinct and document the relevancy and impact of the candidate’s contributions to the advancement of science and plant pathology. 
  4. A 100-word or less awardee statement​ that will be read out loud during the awards ceremony. Statement should not exceed 60 seconds. 
  5. A curriculum vitae, not to exceed two pages. 
  6. A complete list of publications. The list should be separated into the following categories, with most recent publications first. Abstracts and manuscripts not yet accepted should NOT be included.
    • ​​​​Refereed journal articles
    • Extension publications
    • Books, reviews, and book chapters
    • Technical publications (e.g., monographs, repo​rts, symposium papers, proceedings, etc.) 
    • Popular publications 
    • Invited presentations

Nomination Deadline

Nominations for the 2021 awards closed on December 1. 

The Awards and Honors Committee will submit their findings to APS Council in February. Those receiving awards will be notified by the APS President in ​March​/early April. The committee will notify nominators once all awardees have been contacted.

Awards and Honors Committee

Do not e-mail nominations directly to committee members. Nominations must be received via the online submission form for compilation and transmission to the committee.