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Lee M. Hutchins Award

This is an award to the author or authors of published research on basic or applied aspects of diseases of perennial fruit plants (tree fruits, tree nuts, small fruits, and grapes, including tropical fruits, but excluding vegetables). A nomination must be based principally or completely on a paper or series of papers published in APS journals within 10 calendar years preceding the annual meeting. Earlier papers in APS journals should be cited in the nomination only if they were the foundation of subsequent work during the 10-year period or if the work during the 10-year period involved a logical extension and application of earlier research. The nominated paper(s) may report research on any aspect of disease diagnosis, epidemiology, etiology, physiology, vector relations, control, or properties of the etiologic agent. The committee would be influenced by the significance of the research reported, how it provides a better understanding of fruit plant diseases, and how it contributes ultimate value to the fruit industry. 

Nominations for the Lee M. Hutchins Award will stand for only one year. Nominees need not be members of the society. The award consists of a plaque and honorarium​ from the Lee M. Hutchins Fund bequeathed to the society by Dr. Hutchins.

Fellows are not eligible to be nominated for excellence awards except when the ne​w nominations are for accomplishments different from that on which the Fellow nomination was based, and the new accomplishment has occurred after recognition as a Fellow.

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1980 D. C. Ramsdell
1981 M. Bar-Joseph
1981 M. F. Clark
1981 S. M. Garnsey
1981 D. Gonsalves
1981 D. E. Purcifull
1982 J. W. Randles
1983 S. M. Mircetich
1988 G. I. Mink
1989 T. B. Sutton
1990 T. J. Burr
1991 R. C. Pearson
1991 D. M. Gadoury
1992 J. K. Uyemoto
1993 A. R. Biggs
1994 T. R. Gottwald
1994 J. H. Graham
1995 T. J. Michailides
1996 L. W. Timmer
1997 W. Wilcox
1998 K. B. Johnson​
1998 J. N. Pinkerton
1998 J. K. Stone
1999 A. Rowhani
2000 G. Hughes
2001 M. Mazzola
2002 W. Köller
2003 H. Scherm
2004 M. Gleason
2006 C. Xiao
2009 J. E. Adaskaveg 
2010 R. R. Martin
2011 G. Schnabel
2012 Ficke, Hoffman, Kennelly
​2013 G.W. Sundin
2014 N. A. Peres
2015 I. E. Tzanetakis
2016 M. Al Rwahnih
2017 M. M. Dewdney
2018 P. S. McManus
2019 A.​ Roy​
2020 C. Roper​
​2021 R. Almeida​
2022​ Kerik Cox and Sara Villani​​
2023 Clive Bock​

*Please note that all bios linked from this page were published at the time of the received award and may not be current​​​.