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Award of Distinction

This award, the highest honor the Society can bestow, is presented on rare occasions to persons who have made truly exceptional contributions to plant pathology. Nominations for this award may be submitted by any member of the Society. Nominees for the Award of Distinction need not be members of the Society.

Award Winners:

1967 E. C. Stakman
1969 J. C. Walker
1972 J. G. Horsfall
1980 H. H. Flor
1983 A. Kelman

1983 G. A. Zentmyer
1987 R. G. Grogan
1988 M. K. Brakke
1994 R. J. Cook
1994 L. Sequeira

1998 A.K. Vidaver
2006 M. Zaitlin
2007 N. E. Borlaug
2016 S. E. Lindow
2016 J. Van Etten