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The Society grants the Fellow honor to a current APS member in recognition of distinguished contributions to plant pathology or to The American Phytopathological Society. ​

A person who has been a member of the Society for at least three (3) years immediately before nomination, except for retired persons who were members for the last three (3) years before retirement, are eligible for nomination.

Fellow recognition is based on significant contributions in one or more of the following areas: original research, teaching, administration, professional and public service, and/or extension and outreach. It is important to clearly indicate in the nomination statement which of these major categories serve(s) as the basis for the nomination. 

A period of 5 years should elapse between recognition as a fellow and nomination for another APS award. The nominator of a fellow for another APS award should specify how the contributions in the current nomination differ from those on which the original fellow nomination was based.

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