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Simulation Modeling in Botanical Epidemiology and Crop Loss Analysis

Instructions to Run the Simulation Models

A series of simulation models is provided with these modules and is available on this website.

These models have been built with the STELLA® software program, and can be run using different programs, available at the ISEE systems web site

1. The models can be run and explored using the isee Player program, which can be downloaded for free. The direct link to download isee Player is:

2. These models can also be run using the full STELLA Architect software program, which can be purchased online at

3. A free trial version of the STELLA Architect can also be downloaded from the same website.  The direct link to download the free trial version is:

4. NEW! The models can be directly run on the web at:

Three sets of models are available in this course: models that can be run with STELLA Architect - NEW!), STELLA v10.0.4 (file extension .STMX), and models which can be run with STELLA v9 (file extension .STM). The latter version will enable users who use version 9 to run the models.

A quick overview on how to access the different model representations in STELLA Architect can be found HERE.

More information about these programs can be found at:


Model Files:

STELLA Architect


 STELLA v10.0.4

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