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The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2020 as the International Year of Plant Health. With this global spotlight on plant health, we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to raise awareness on the ways that protecting plant health can help end hunger, reduce poverty, protect the environment, and boost economic development worldwide. Read more about the historical efforts to establish the International Year of Plant Health ​here

Why is Plant Health ​your health?

​Celebrate Plant Health with APS

APS welcomes all of our members to celebrate the International Year of Plant Health in 2020 (IYPH 2020) and work with us in spreading the importance of plant health across the globe. We've identified 10 themes​, such as Plant Health to Combat World Hunger and Plant Health and Bugs, that members can leverage to develop messages about plant health. Each monthly theme offers an infographic flyer with key statistics for you to use when creating events, public policy content or informational displays. ​

View our Themes for IYPH 2020

All Offices, Boards, Committees, and individuals can contribute to IYPH 2020 by leading, attending, or suggesting an activity during the year. Activities are posted in our Events section. You can reference this frequently updated page for inspiration on how you can implement an activity in your area.  APS has also created a variety of resources to support your efforts, including a PowerPoint template for presentations and logos that you can use to adorn mugs, bags, and apparel.

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Ideas that Inspire

If you are looking for ideas to use in your region, consider designing an initiative to deliver messages on the importance of plant health to your local Congressperson. The Public Policy Board is developing messages for Congress and can assist you. Learn more about Congressional Activities for IYPH 2020 here. If you're a student, you can create an initiative for your university similar to the project created by students at Ohio State. APS members at Ohio State are working with their library to design a display about the importance of Healthy Plants for human health and diet, as well as how new technologies can help us feed the world's growing population.

​Help us promote Plant Health:

​The Importance of Our Work

Healthy plants constitute the foundation for all life on earth, making up the oxygen we breathe and over 80% of the food we eat. Plant health is the key to the sustainable intensification of agriculture to feed the growing global population by 2050. Thus, recognition, advocacy, and support for the promotion of plant health is of paramount importance if the international community is to guarantee plant resources for a food secure world based on stable and sustainable ecosystems. The United Nations focus on Plant Health in 2020 provides a rare opportunity for to use our knowledge and experience to change the way the world views plants. ​

​Thank you in advance for your participation in this great opportunity
to raise awareness of the importance of healthy plants!​