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Excellence in Industry Award

This award recognizes outstanding contributions to plant pathology by APS members whose primary employment involves work outside the university and federal realms either for profit or nonprofit. Individuals eligible for the award include plant pathology research and development specialists, private consultants, group managers, and others. Supporting information could include general descriptions of new discoveries that have advanced the technological development of plant pathology, publications, patents, novel information delivery programs for clientele, unique clean-stock programs for industry, effective coordination of development programs for new chemicals and biocontrol agents, and demonstrated leadership of a nonprofit organization with a focus toward plant pathology. Nominees must be an APS member employed primarily in nonacademic or nongovernment service. Recipients receive a plaque.

Note: Fellows are not eligible to be nominated for excellence awards except when the new
nominations are for accomplishments different from that on which the Fellow nomination
was based, and the new accomplishment has occurred after recognition as a Fellow.

Award Winners:

1998 H. V. Morton
2001 M. Cline
2002 A. Tally
2003 C. Sutula
2006 G. Lamka

2007 J. Frank
2008 C. Becker
2009 H. C. Mellinger
2010 N. B. Carroll
2011 W. E. Dolezal
2012 W. R. Landis
2014 S. Gylling
2016 J. M. Russo
2018 Eric C. Tedford