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​2020 APS Office of International Programs (OIP) Extension/Outreach Photography Competition

​​The APS Office of International Programs (OIP) invites you to participate in the APS OIP Extension/Outreach Photography Competition and present a picture exemplifying the commitment of APS members in spreading plant pathology throughout the world. The picture can represent teaching, training, research, education, and other aspects of plant pathology that are disseminated to farmers and other agricultural personnel and stakeholders. OIP's ongoing programs provide vital services as well as raise funds to support scientists in under-developed countries. ​

In order to participate in the competition, please make a donation (minimum of $10) to the Global Experience Program Fund​ (make sure you select Global Experience Program Fund on the donation form) and submit the application form​ by December 7, 2020.

Applications received after this date may not be included in​ the APS OIP Extension/Outreach Photography Competition. A picture contest will select the top three picture submissions, and in addition to a certificate of recognition, these and other pictures selected will be included in an online 2021 calendar that can be downloaded and/or printed. Questions may be addressed to Ron French at

Acceptance will be based on the following criteria:​​

  1. One submission per donation. An email will be sent to you once you make a donation.
  2. Pictures should have a global outreach/extension focus.
  3. Final acceptance of the picture submission and awards shall be made at the discretion of the APS OIP Extension/Outreach Photography Competition Evaluation Team.

Deadline: Applications must be submitted, per instructions below by December 7​​​, 2020, via email to

Download the Application Form Make Your Donation


First, Second, and Third Prize Certificate. Top twelve pictures will be selected for the online 2021 Calendar. Others may also be included in this and future calendars. Potential APS gift items may be made available to select winners.

No monetary award will be given as all funds received via donations to the Global Experience Fund which helps support graduate students, post-doctoral associates, faculty, and staff in conducting short courses, workshops or training programs in collaboration with a host country cooperating institution.


Applicants will be notified by October 1 of the results. The top 12 photos chosen will be part of a 12-month calendar that will be published and made available via APS OIP. Additional pictures may be chosen for the front and back covers or in addition to the top 12.

  • APS Standard Photo Policy

    Digital images should be good quality and high resolution .jpg or .tif files (preferably at least 300 dpi at a size of 3 × 4 in / 7.5 x 10 cm).Submitting an image to APS OIP requires that you provide either a copyright transfer or a statement of public domain to APS. Please select one of these options below. The image you are submitting is intended for use by the plant pathology community through accessing the APS Image Database. APS will discourage any distribution and use other than provided by the Terms of Use of the APS Image Database. These terms of use are subject to change based on APS policy. For more information on APS’s position and policy on copyright, see this article: "Images in the Digital World: Why APS Copyrights the Images It Publishes,” by C. Lee Campbell.

    Copyright Transfer

    I confirm that I am the current copyright owner of the image described above and hereby transfer and assign to The American Phytopathological Society (APS) all copyrights in and to the image in all forms and media. Such transfer gives APS sole authority to grant rights for the image's use by others. I understand that, as the image's contributor/photographer and original copyright owner, I remain free to use the image in connection with my own publications or work without obtaining written permission from APS. I also confirm that publication of the image by APS will in no way violate any copyright or other personal or proprietary right of any person or entity. I acknowledge that APS is relying on the statement above in claiming copyright to the work.

    Public Domain Notice

    I hereby confirm that the image described above, having been created by an employee or agency of the U.S. government or for some other reason not being eligible for copyright, is in the "public domain" and, as such, may be reproduced freely. I acknowledge that The American Phytopathological Society is relying on the statement above in determining that the work is copyright-free.

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