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​​Online Classroom & Laboratory Activities

​The move to online and distance education has created an urgent need for teaching tools. Try adapting existing activities for online classes.  Search YouTube for video demonstrations and virtual tours – many farms, museums and parks are now posting videos for the public. Ask students to search for plants and plant health problems in their own locales. With some creativity and resourcefulness, you can still provide meaningful learning experiences.

The following websites are good sources of ideas and supporting materials.

APS Education Center

Other Resources

  • APS Plantopia Podcasts
    Explore the world of plant health with plant pathologists—people on a mission to protect plants and our food supply.
  • APS Youtube Channel
    Learn more about your favorite plants and get new and exciting updates from our youtube channel!
  • Forest Health Detectives
    T.L. Bal. 2014.  Forest Health Detectives. The American Biology Teacher, 76:8, October 2014; (pp. 536-541) DOI: 10.1525/abt.2014.76.8.7.  Students search for common tree issues.  Lesson plan with diagrams and photos; can be adapted for different grade levels.
  • National Tree Benefit Calculator
    Collect and input simple tree information to learn about the multiple benefits that trees provide, such as energy conservation and air quality.
    Post photographs of living organisms in your area, connect with others to identify and learn more about the organisms.  iNaturalist apps can be downloaded on a phone or computer.
  • Online Nematode Key
  • How Mushrooms Changed the World
    Presentation by David Hibbett from Clark University + question sheet, Mycological Society of America
  • Epidemiology
    A web-based interactive utility to visualize the spread of plant diseases and the effects of control strategies from the University of Cambridge Epidemiology and Modelling group.

​Laboratory Demonstrations 

With the cancellation of many in-person lab classes, some instructors are recording videos of lab demonstrations. Assignments can be set up to have student interpret and evaluate results, images and data sets. You may not even have to create videos - try searching YouTube to see if there are existing videos you can use. Even sites such as the Khan Academy have good biology-related resources.​

APS Education Center

​​Other Resources