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The Plant Health Instructor

Volume: 09 |
Year: 2009
Article Type: Lab Exercises
​​​​​Plants Get Sick Too! Plant Diseases Idea Starter

Sarah D. (Ellis) Williams and Michael J. Boehm

​The Ohio State University

Date Accepted: 01 Jan 2009
 Date Published: 01 Jan 2009


Keywords: plant diseases

The purpose of the “Plants Get Sick Too!” Idea Starter is just that…to give you ideas of where to start when it comes to plant diseases! This idea starter is aimed at students in grades 6-9, but you may find ideas for all ages. It will give you some background information on plant pathology and help lead you in the right direction of where to look next. You can pick and choose what you would like to do. If you are a stud​ent this is great to help you find experiments for science projects and if you are a teacher you can find good references and activities on basics in plant pathology to teach your class.