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Plant Disease January, 1987
Volume 71, Number 1

Plant Disease Editorial Board & Policies.    VIEW ABSTRACT  |  VIEW ARTICLE


The APS Officer Nomination Process: Is it Time to Change? Donald C. Ramsdell. Page: 5.  VIEW ABSTRACT  |  VIEW ARTICLE

Acknowledgment of Reviewers. Pages: 6-7. VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE


The Latest in Plant Pathology and Nematology. Page 8. VIEW ARTICLE.


Integrated Control of the Pea Root Rot Disease Complex in Ontario. J. C. Tu. Pages: 9-13 VIEW ARTICLE


Chemical Control of Fungi Causing Decay of Fresh Prunes During Storage. Themis J. Michailides, J. M. Ogawa, and P. L. Sholberg. Pages: 14-17 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Natural Infection of Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) by a Legume Strain of Cucumber Mosaic Virus. P. A. Somerville, R. N. Campbell, D. H. Hall, and A. Rowhani. Pages: 18-20 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Interaction of Fusarium Wilt and Nematodes in Cobb Soybean. Donald R. Sumner, Norman A. Minton. Pages: 20-23 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Effect of Crop and Weed Species on Development of a Minnesota Population of Heterodera glycines Race 5 After One to Three Growing Periods. M. E. Sortland, D. H. MacDonald. Pages: 23-27 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Nyolate Seed Treatment of Brassica spp. to Eradicate or Reduce Black Rot Caused by Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris. G. E. Harman, J. M. Norton, T. E. Stasz, and H. S. Humaydan. Pages: 27-30 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Dot-Immunobinding Assay for Detecting Xanthomonas campestris pv. holcicola in Sorghum. J. E. Leach, B. A. Ramundo, D. L. Pearson, and L. E. Claflin. Pages: 30-33 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Variation in Sensitivity Among Anastomosis Groups of Rhizoctonia solani to the Antibiotic Gliotoxin. R. W. Jones, R. E. Pettit. Pages: 34-36 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Elimination of Mycoplasmalike Organisms in Cabot Highbush Blueberry with High-Carbon Dioxide Thermotherapy. R. H. Converse, R. A. George. Pages: 36-38 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Distribution, Incidence, and Strains of Viruses in Burley Tobacco in North Carolina. G. V. Gooding, R. C. Rufty. Pages: 38-40 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Detection of Cucurbit Viruses in New Jersey. Robert F. Davis, M. K. Mizuki. Pages: 40-44 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Pseudocercospora nigricans, a Pathogen of Sicklepod (Cassia obtusifolia) with Biocontrol Potential. F. M. Hofmeister, R. Charudattan. Pages: 44-46 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Rapid Tentative Identification of Rhizoctonia spp. Associated with Diseased Turfgrasses. Bruce Martin. Pages: 47-49 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Amelioration of Tan Spot-Infected Wheat with Nitrogen. D. M. Huber, T. S. Lee, M. A. Ross, and T. S. Abney. Pages: 49-50 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Seed Transmission Characteristics of Selected Bean Common Mosaic Virus Strains in Differential Bean Cultivars. F. J. Morales, M. Castaño. Pages: 51-53 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Chloride Fertilizer Effects on Stripe Rust Development and Grain Yield of Winter Wheat. J. M. Scheyer, N. W. Christensen, and R. L. Powelson. Pages: 54-57 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Seed-Treatment Fungicides for Control of Seedborne Ascochyta lentis on Lentil. Walter J. Kaiser, Richard M. Hannan. Pages: 58-62 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Natural and Experimental Production of Oospores of Bremia lactucae in Lettuce in New York. J. E. Yuen, J. W. Lorbeer. Pages: 63-64 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Unusual Epidemic of Tar Spot on Norway Maple in Upstate New York. George W. Hudler, Mark T. Banik, and Steven G. Miller. Pages: 65-68 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Distribution of Florida Populations of the Soybean Cyst Nematode with Previously Undescribed Genetic Variation. P. S. Lehman, R. A. Dunn. Pages: 68-70 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Survey of Nematodes Associated with Almond Production in California. Michael V. McKenry, Joe Kretsch. Pages: 71-73 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Phytophthora Seed Rot and Seedling Blight of Sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia). F. A. Gray, D. S. Wofford. Pages: 74-78 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Relationship of Bound Calcium and Inoculum Concentration to the Effect of Postharvest Calcium Treatment on Decay of Apples by Penicillium expansum. William S. Conway, Kenneth C. Gross, and Carl E. Sams. Pages: 78-80 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Influence of Management Practices on Severity of Stem and Crown Rot, Incidence of Asparagus Miner, and Yield of Asparagus Grown from Transplants. J. P. Damicone, W. J. Manning, and D. N. Ferro. Pages: 81-84 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Plant-Parasitic Nematodes in Orchards of the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. T. C. Vrain, J. M. Yorston. Pages: 85-87 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Control of Sclerotinia Blight of Peanut: Sensitivity and Resistance of Sclerotinia minor to Vinclozolin, Iprodione, Dicloran, and PCNB. T. B. Brenneman, P. M. Phipps, and R. J. Stipes. Pages: 87-90 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Three Serotypes of Prunus Necrotic Ringspot Virus Isolated from Rugose Mosaic-Diseased Sweet Cherry Trees in Washington. G. I. Mink, W. E. Howell, Anabel Cole, and S. Regev. Pages: 91-93 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Evaluation of Seed and Foliar Fungicides for Control of Karnal Bunt of Wheat. J. L. Smilanick, J. A. Hoffmann, N. L. Cashion, and J. M. Prescott. Pages: 94-96 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Suppression of Gray Snow Mold on Creeping Bentgrass by an Isolate of Typhula phacorrhiza. L. L. Burpee, L. M. Kaye, L. G. Goulty, and M. B. Lawton. Pages: 97-100 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Disease Notes

Latent Virus in Peanut in Georgia Identified as Cowpea Chlorotic Mottle Virus. C. W. Kuhn, J. W. Demski. Page: 101 VIEW NOTE

First Report of Rust (Uromyces ciceris-arietini) on Garbanzo (Chickpea) in the United States. J. R. Venette, R. W. Stack. Page: 101 VIEW NOTE

Wilt of Tobacco in Chile Caused by Verticillium dahliae. B. A. Latorre, V. Flores, Santiago, Chile, and G. Marholz,. Page: 101 VIEW NOTE

A Culture of Puccinia helianthi Pathogenic to All Known Resistant Sunflower Genotypes. S. M. Yang, R. W. Berry, and C. W. Purdy. Page: 101 VIEW NOTE

First Report of Pseudomonas syringae pv. helianthi on Sunflower in Spain. J. M. Durán, E. Sobrino. Page: 101 VIEW NOTE

Wilt of Chickpea in Tunisia Caused by Verticillium albo-atrum. H. M. Halila, M. M. Harrabi. Page: 101 VIEW NOTE


A Disease Management Response to the Introduction of Wheat Stripe Rust to New Zealand. Roy E. Gaunt, Michael J. Cole. Pages: 102-108 VIEW ARTICLE