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Plant Disease August, 1987
Volume 71, Number 8

Plant Disease Editorial Board & Policies.    VIEW ABSTRACT  |  VIEW ARTICLE


So, Where is my Manuscript? Wayne L. Pedersen. Page: 679.  VIEW ABSTRACT  |  VIEW ARTICLE


The Latest in Plant Pathology and Nematology. Page 680. VIEW ARTICLE.


Postharvest Diseases of Papaya. Anne M. Alvarez and Wayne T. Nishijima.  Pages: 681-686 VIEW ARTICLE


Comparative Study of Two Maize Dwarf Mosaic Virus Strains Infecting Corn and Johnsongrass in Israel. Yeheskel Antignus. Pages: 687-691 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Method for Detecting Clavibacter xyli subsp. xyli from Sugarcane Leaves. A. G. Gillaspie, Jr. Pages: 691-693 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Prelayby Applications of Experimental Fungicides for Suppressing Rhizoctonia Root Rot in Sugar Beet. E. G. Ruppel, R. J. Hecker. Pages: 694-698 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Effects of Cotton Leaf Crumple Virus on Cotton Inoculated at Different Growth Stages. J. K. Brown, J. D. Mihail, and M. R. Nelson. Pages: 699-703 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Field Serological Detection of Viral Antigens Associated with Grapevine Leafroll Disease. Daniel Teliz, Edna Tanne, Dennis Gonsalves, and Francis Zee. Pages: 704-709 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Responses of Blueberry Genotypes to Infection by Botryosphaeria dothidea. T. C. Creswell, R. D. Milholland. Pages: 710-713 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Evaluation of Wheat Germ Plasm for Resistance to Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus by Symptomatology, ELISA, and Slot-Blot Hybridization. S. L. Stoddard, S. A. Lommel, and B. S. Gill. Pages: 714-719 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Spatial Pattern, Inoculum Density-Disease Incidence Relationship, and Population Dynamics of Sclerotium rolfsii on Apple Rootstock. S. F. Tomasino, K. E. Conway. Pages: 719-724 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Variations in Pseudomonas syringae Isolated from Grass Species Occurring in Woody Plant Nurseries in the Pacific Northwest. S. Baca, L. W. Moore. Pages: 724-726 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Effect of Soil pH on Cephalosporium Stripe in Wheat. Connie S. Love, G. W. Bruehl. Pages: 727-731 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Evidence for Identity of Plant Rhabdoviruses Causing Vein-Yellowing Diseases of Tomato and Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. B. E. L. Lockhart. Pages: 731-733 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Efficacy of Chlorine for Decontaminating Water Infested with Resting Spores of Plasmodiophora brassicae. L. E. Datnoff, T. K. Kroll, and G. H. Lacy. Pages: 734-736 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Ability of Fungal Isolates from Maize and Sorghum to Infect Roots and Reduce Seedling Emergence of Two Maize Hybrids. K. R. Chambers. Pages: 736-739 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Crown and Stem Rot of Alfalfa Caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum. R. G. Gilbert. Pages: 739-742 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Factors Affecting Control of Take-All of Spring Wheat by Seed Treatment with Sterol Biosynthesis-Inhibiting Fungicides. Celsa Garcia, D. E. Mathre. Pages: 743-746 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Use of Direct Antigen Coating and Protein A Coating ELISA Procedures for Detection of Three Peanut Viruses. H. A. Hobbs, D. V. R. Reddy, R. Rajeshwari, and A. S. Reddy. Pages: 747-749 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Identification of Two Distinct Strains of Watermelon Mosaic Virus 2 Affecting Cucurbits in Texas. V. H. Chala, C. W. Harrison, and R. S. Halliwell. Pages: 750-752 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Efficacy of Chlorothalonil for Control of Spring Black Stem and Common Leaf Spot of Alfalfa. F. A. Gray, J. A. Fernandez, and J. L. Horton. Pages: 752-755 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Recovery of Verticillium dahliae from Weed Plants in Farmers' Fields in Peru. R. Vargas- Machuca, C. Martin, and W. Galindez. Pages: 756-758 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

New Diseases and Epidemics

Foliar Disease of Sorghum Species Caused by Cercospora fusimaculans. G. C. Wall, L. K. Mughogho, R. A. Frederiksen, and G. N. Odvody. Pages: 759-760 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Disease Notes

Mycoplasmal Infection Found in Four Ash Species in Midwestern States. W. A. Sinclair, P. T. Marshall, and J. Kemperman. Page: 761 VIEW NOTE

Perithecia of Sphaerotheca fuliginea on Cucurbits in North Carolina. L. F. Grand. Page: 761 VIEW NOTE

Cronartium himalayense, Causal Agent of Chir Pine Stem Rust, Discovered in Nepal. H. V. T. Cotter, M. K. Adhikari, and J. B. H. Rai. Page: 761 VIEW NOTE

Report of Melampsora medusae on Populus deltoides in Southern Africa. T. N. Trench, A. P. Baxter, and H. Churchill. Page: 761 VIEW NOTE

Outbreak of Verticillium Wilt of Alfalfa in Quebec. C. Richard. Page: 761 VIEW NOTE

Special Report

The Occurrence, Characteristics, Distribution, Genetics, and Control of a Metalaxyl-resistant Pathotype of Bremia lactucae in the United Kingdom. I. R. Crute. Pages: 763-767.  VIEW ABSTRACT  |  VIEW ARTICLE