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Ability of Fungal Isolates from Maize and Sorghum to Infect Roots and Reduce Seedling Emergence of Two Maize Hybrids. K. R. Chambers, Senior Plant Pathologist, Grain Crops Research Institute, Private Bag X1251, Potchefstroom 2520, Republic of South Africa. Plant Dis. 71:736-739. Accepted for publication 2 December 1986. Copyright 1987 The American Phytopathological Society. DOI: 10.1094/PD-71-0736.

One hundred fourteen isolates in more than 20 species of fungi isolated from roots of both maize and sorghum and from maize seed were tested for their ability to infect the roots and reduce seedling emergence of two maize hybrids. Isolates differed significantly (P = 0.01) in their ability to enter maize roots, and only a Penicillium sp. significantly (P = 0.05) reduced seedling emergence. Of the fungi found to be pathogenic, the ability to infect young plants was an isolate rather than species attribute.

Keyword(s): molding.